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Zhengzhou ship sea soldiers abandoned with a plastic basin of wooden bench – Military Channel for reasons of exposure of Sohu can War: from the battlefield closer to win more in late October, high winds and waves in the East China Sea Fleet destroyer detachment Zhengzhou ship sail unmoor, went to a sea to perform a combat patrol. "Port 30, two unidentified aircraft to my high speed flying near the starboard side found" enemy "warship"…… Just leave the dock, the ship is an alarm, a real subject drill suddenly started. Internship captain Chen Xi told reporters: "in some special areas and narrow waterways, ships are vulnerable to attack, we must strengthen the alert." Sailed, soldiers every day "head enemy to sleep: before the sea, flammable items, wooden chairs and other plastic basin operations are stored in the warehouse; the ship to leave the dock, then down bow anchor rod, the main gun firing at any time convenient. The whole combat readiness, poised to strike. How close to the officers and men from the battlefield, how close to the actual combat training, the army from winning too close. On warships, submarines, the reporter came to the East China Sea fleet, has repeatedly asked: "distance can war" this request at any time, we have what difference? — with the fine degree of combat readiness of consciousness, but needs to be improved. A unit for the various materiel support tasks in an emergency pull process, because the protection scheme is not accurate, error number of vehicles at the dock time of convergence, crowded together, almost affect the task process. Multitray course, the leadership of the Ministry of reflection: the key lies in the combat readiness plans to do things carelessly, lack of knowledge on the part of the officers and men on the battlefield and the significance of the lack of readiness training "Camus" consciousness. — to combat strength, but difficult to maintain high efficiency. In recent years, with the increasingly heavy task of combat readiness, logistical support and equipment maintenance has put forward higher requirements. However, the use of equipment beyond the time limit for maintenance, maintenance personnel can not be reasonable arrangements for the rest of the time, but the contradiction is more prominent. In a second combat mission, a ship because of the use of emergency equipment in high strength, had to temporarily adjust the force. In this regard, the leadership of the Ministry of deep feelings: "exploring the readiness of long-term maintenance policy imperative." – perform combat tasks, but war training "adaptation" is not high. With the number of troops to perform combat tasks increased, "to drive and promote the training readiness readiness gradually normalized to training. However, some of the officers and men believe that the task is the impact of training rather than push". On the basis of training concerned enough, perform combat tasks after training, supplementary training work is not timely, not in place, the impact force to maintain the level of training and combat capability. Nine of the units, from the base soil. Prepare for war can not stop at the "slogan", from the formation of the concept of combat readiness to system construction, from the training program plan formulation to combat readiness ability, must abandon the "false light" and "noise", adhere to the "war" word. In the tide of reform and the strengthening of the armed forces, the East China Sea Fleet officers and soldiers for "knowledge warfare" to gradually clear — avoid "peace, prepare for war strengthen the long-standing idea. In recent years, Fleet Readiness pay attention to carry out the education of the situation, to ensure "the enemy!相关的主题文章: