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Wuda "Transformers" built before the opposition failed to stop the project – Beijing nationwide, which criticised the "ugly building" there are many, the construction of these "ugly buildings" may cost a lot, they removed more waste, is in a nice hobble. Dubbed the "Transformers" Faculty of Engineering Wuhan University first teaching building collapsed in ruins. This was the cost of nearly 100 million yuan to build a high-level teaching building, because the destruction of the entire East Lake style, after the completion of the criticism. Now only 16 years after the demolition, and in order to dismantle it, and spent $13 million. A construction of a split between 100 million yuan on this boondoggle, a sigh. The construction of "Transformers" has some historical reasons. At the University of Wuhan water conservancy and electric power the increasing number of students, all kinds of housing tension, and reserved land area under ground width and depth of multiple constraints, "to the height of the area" has become a helpless choice. It was verified, Transformers at the beginning of the construction, and did not violate the planning of the East Lake scenic area, in other words, the construction of the teaching building in the front, the new planning standards in the post. However, it does not mean that the existence of the plan is not reasonable. "Transformers" by Professor of South China University of Technology, south of the Five Ridges School of architecture of the flag character he Jingtang design. He Jingtang admitted that the building in the East Lake scenic area, whether it is new or expanded, should maintain harmony and unity with the original Landform Scenic Area and scenic, in size, layout, number, height, color and style should be seriously considered, do not destroy the scenic area of the whole atmosphere. It can be said that the planning of the basic knowledge and rules, the designer knows, after the completion of whether it will undermine the overall style of East Lake, the minds of the designers also had to consider. Moreover, at that time, there is no opposition, the school before the Wuhan University on the construction of the East Lake landscape will be destroyed for reasons raised objections. At the early stage of construction, the Construction Department of Wuhan water conservancy and Hydropower College graduate student Wang Fatang also served in the "China Building" on the building in the scenic area of criticism is like a tombstone stand head and shoulders above others, Luojiashan beautiful environment to destroy. For various reasons, the opposition did not stop the project launched. It should be asked, what is the reason for the objection is invalid, why the designer to give up the basic planning principles and common sense, knowing that the building will have a negative impact on the environment, but also the construction. Among them, the executive power to play a role, especially worth considering. There are a lot of cases, the designers come up with the design, the ultimate enemy leadership will. Sometimes, the will of the leadership for some practical considerations, there are still some truth; sometimes only because of problems with the Feng Shui to be absurd. In the face of arbitrary administrative power, scientific design without much dignity, "planning and design" out of the building, neither in the city’s history and culture, and coordination with the surrounding environment, and even the existence of various problems in the construction of ecological security, energy saving etc.. For the landscape of East Lake, Wuhan University, the United States, Transformers is also practical and ugly. Its joy相关的主题文章: