Wu Mochou on the program to talk about Harlem Yu’s wedding to avoid trouble is not open to the publi plants war

Wu Mochou on the show’s first talk about the marriage of Harlem Yu to avoid the trouble is not the public blessing [Abstract]8 month 28 days (Sunday night), hair, return to the true Wu Mochou boarded Jiangsu TV reality show celebrity speech "tell my world" stage. Wu Mochou told the audience about his own journey in four years. Yue Yunpeng heard crying Wu Mo version of "song" five Tencent entertainment news August 28th (Sunday) night, cut short, return to the true Wu Mochou boarded Jiangsu TV reality show celebrity speech "tell my world" stage. Wu Mochou told the audience about his own journey of four years, and with the unyielding tenacity, the courage to face life won the champion of the speech. In an interview, Wu Mochou admitted that "love is not personal independence of conduct Chinese Ladygaga" this title, "I don’t love to imitate others, do not love others imitate me, because one is not cool." Red into a packaged commodity "tell my world" by Jiangsu TV, Shanghai culture, create a wide natural selection media together to create the Angema exclusive title broadcast, each program of speech from 5 – 6 guests optional theme, speak their headlines each have a world champion, and get involved in the bird’s nest finals Championship opportunity. From a young age, Wu Mochou is a girl who likes singing, music can make her forget all the troubles. But what she did not expect is that in the summer of 2012, although her dream has come true, but she is not the girl who can sing. "I became a star in the eyes of others, but also into a commodity. Qi Liuhai, big lips, exaggerated shapes, all packaging, not I do not want problem, but have to do this." As a packaged commodity, Wu Mochou realized the commercial value, but her confidence was gone. "The feeling of packing is very hot, the feeling of restraint, it will bring me uncomfortable place, will bring me a lot of different life. Gradually in the different voices of the package, I lost myself, I can not help but ask: in the end who is Wu Mochou?" She even admit there are often makeup after watching the real self, Batui run time to be a star. At the beginning of this year, Wu Mochou cut Liu Haichang thick straight hair, short hair for childhood love, and was removed once the exaggerated makeup. She said she was no longer in order to curry favor with others and change their own, but gradually recovered the confidence. "I have found the most confident, I began to do their favorite music, singing songs to make their own happy. I blame or ugly or not, this is my style of Wu mo." Disgusted with China’s Ladygaga title in 2012, was still a freshman Wu Mochou to participate in China good voice, and eventually entered the entertainment industry as an annual runner up. Debut four years, Wu Mochou was fans and netizens posted a lot of labels. Because early costume exaggerated, classic smokey-eye make-up and lipstick, she was also a fan called "Chinese Ladygaga". However, Wu Mochou admitted that he did not like the title. "I’m sick of it because it makes me feel like I’m imitating someone. :相关的主题文章: