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With the fight hand to hand with the enemy? The pilot said: a dagger brigade beat a! Military – people.com.cn flight sky without limit of a new departure, Shen Nianbao is ready to fight the desert night, airport noise faded, silence. The cluster in the moonlight with coldness, tomorrow with the handsome go into battle, who pulled out on top? Who is the lead? Shen Qi looked at his own aircraft, into deep thinking. Before the war, the battlefield environment, combat mode, the opponent’s strength, weapon performance, etc. have to be fully estimated, which part of the omitted, after the war will be a slow shot, involving the whole. On the first day of blows, our two experienced pilots lost, which makes Shen Nianbao surprised. Video playback, he found the problem in air combat our attack attack machine of the moment, the other main machine to seize the opportunity to quickly tail biting, causing the war had a favorable moment reversal to each other. Water is operational, work out measures to suit local conditions, in the future, the battlefield environment will only be more complicated, your opponent will be more powerful, if not to lose the routine, do not take the initiative to change, will become the enemy target clear drone ring. Overnight, Shen Nianbao will air combat opponent lens frame by frame playback, while rival research strengths, while looking for opponents weakness, manipulation, data refinement, every attack and evasive action card seconds. The next day air combat, the same opponents before and after Nianbao Shen and his partner took off, fought side by side. The attack began, Shen Nianbao found the enemy to adjust tactics, he quickly according to the formation of good attack position change yesterday, with motor. Suddenly, the opponent by radar intercepted advantage Shen Nianbao, a time in the cabin alarm four, critical moment, Shen Nianbao calmly, intercepted effectively destroyed. Close combat entanglement after several rounds, he determined to find occupying fighters, locking and shoot down the opponent. An aircraft, a moment that stood on the ground, Shen Nianbao felt light. Continuous maneuver to allow his body to withstand the load of 6 G, the anti suit under the skin of the flight suit was a trace of the road. He could not rest, and the whole team participating together, on the same day all the sorties flight data interpretation, analysis of the reasons for loss of points, attack tactics calculation error correction. Multitray end comrades dispersed, Shen Nianbao now personal research has just begun, when he is to maximize the improvement of the new set of tactics, it is night. The past few days of the war reversal he made a profound sense of future war complexity and diversity. Survival is not, how to win; how to survive, how to? The higher the level of combat, the more dependent on the bottom of the foundation support. This is the theoretical basis of continuous solid support, effectively lay technical foundation of the prison, tactical continued solid foundation, only with the basis of perfusion, ability to strengthen the pilot to resist risks in combat, fighting to improve the survival rate. (commissioning editor: Wang Lujia (Intern), Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: