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With a wonderful driver underwear cover plates butt death escape after the original title: Xuzhou a wonderful driver underwear cover plate butt escape after the death of monitoring the morning of October 28th, Yangzhou police informed: October 18th, the first town in Guangling District of Yangzhou city on the west side of highway 356 occurred in car pedestrian deaths caused by the escape after the accident, the vehicle after the incident escape. Modern Express reporter learned that about 10:15 that night, Yangzhou City, Guangling Public Security Bureau police station received a report at the head of the bridge, along the highway, a white car collided with a car battery, white car escape. Alarm police rushed to the scene, the scene found scattered debris dying car, driving the car battery. While the police quickly rushed to the hospital, while watching the incident monitoring section. Found two white suspected vehicles. However, due to the impact of the weather and the environment at night, the monitoring screen is fuzzy, unable to determine the vehicle type. After the investigation, the scene of scattered debris for the BYD S6 suv. Police immediately contact with two suspected vehicle owners, including a white Audi vehicles for alarm vehicles, excluding suspects. The police then with another white car car owners, found the car for Lexus SUV, because the model is completely different, the investigation was interrupted. I did not expect the next case is The path winds along mountain ridges. The police carefully query the car registration information according to the license plate, found the car vehicle registration information was the BYD S6 suv. Upon inquiry, Zhang explained, in the evening, the driving license of private car service Su C from Xuzhou to Yangzhou, traveling to the bridge road, Liu found off to see the injured seriously, then the car blocked the underwear before and after the license plate, and let the car company’s girlfriend Dongmou fled the scene. According to the account, because of vanity, he had spent more than and 200 dollars to BYD S6 for Lexus, the luck he thought right away, did not expect to be careful of the traffic police seized. Currently, Zhang suspected of escaping criminal detention, peer Dongmou woman suspected of harboring under investigation, the case is under further investigation. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: