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Why does Modi want to go to Japan? Expert: Nationalism driven – Beijing [Global Times reported] Why did Japan tried to pull India? Singapore’s Straits Times analysis, Andouble believes that the only hope to get rid of the plight of China is to establish a new system of regional allies, but many countries do not agree with the views of Japan’s history or that China is a threat. In addition, any regional alliance must be compatible with the U.S. – Japan alliance. Therefore, India has become the perfect choice for japan. India’s economy is large enough, you can provide alternative manufacturing base for the Japanese manufacturing industry, don’t have to defend Chinese market, Modi also want to hear good things about India’s economy. The identity of India’s democratic power also increases the legitimacy of Japan’s regional alliance. The article said that both countries believe that challenges from China will continue to provide many opportunities for them to tightly hold together. So, why Modi is willing to cast Abe open arms? Zhang Jiadong, director of the center for South Asian Studies, Fudan University, 10, told the Global Times reporter, from the post office of the, India’s great power strategy is very clear. Modi is a nationalist, eager to improve India’s international status, which is different from the former government. Agence France-Presse reported unusually close relationship between two people, Modi during his tenure as chief minister of Gujarat, India had two visits to Japan, and met with Andouble. After Modi became prime minister in, he became one of the 3 people on twitter, the other of whom were Mr Andouble’s wife and a Japanese politician, respectively, in 2014. Zhang Jiadong says India believes in Japanese more than americans. There is a reason why Indians and Japanese are close to each other. They approached the following is a very simple truth, that is geopolitics. The two countries are China’s neighbors, and China has a problem, so India Japan is a natural ally. The stronger China is, the stronger their motivation to unite. However, the cooperation between the two countries is not easy, India and Japan know that the words into action, there is a huge gap. The Straits Times said India’s bureaucracy has limited investment in japan. The biggest problem for Japan is that India still sees itself as a land state. Although India is worried about Chinese Navy in India ocean, China also plans to build a base in Gwadar, but New Delhi’s strategic decision is not considered, the best response to challenges is to make India Chinese navy navy to the South China Sea, even as Japan hoped to go to the East China Sea. This temperature difference from the nuclear power cooperation in India and Japan can be seen. Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" 9 editorial that India did not join the "Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and nuclear weapons, for such countries to provide nuclear technology, and Japan has been advocating the abolition of nuclear, nuclear stance against. Not only is Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosion victims, many of the requirements of the prohibition of nuclear weapons in the country people against Japan India Association tuberculosis can sound in high agreement. According to Japan’s "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported on 10, the original India nuclear agreement will carry a specified attachment, once India’s nuclear test, Tokyo will suspend nuclear cooperation. At first, Japan wanted to write the condition into the body of the agreement, but it was.相关的主题文章: