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Who is Guo Chuan on a solo voyage? Why so many people pay attention to his Sohu according to the Agence France-Presse news 27 reported that the U.S. Coast Guard has stopped sailing China occupation contestant Guo Sichuan of search and rescue, and condolences. Known as "the first person" China occupation sailing Guo Chuan, in Beijing on October 19th at 5:24 and 11 seconds from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, driving "China? Qingdao" trimaran to Shanghai, a non-stop trans Pacific Voyage record, originally planned to arrive in November 5th after. Guo Chuan shore sailing team in October 26, 2016 came the bad news: near the sea is single sailing across the Pacific China occupation contestant Guo Sichuan in the yacht sailed to Hawaii, at 25 PM Beijing time three points after the team lost contact with the shore. In October 17th, the United States of San Francisco Richmond Bay Marina, China navigator Guo Chuan (left) in the trimaran for China Deputy Consul General Consulate General in San Francisco made friends how to operate the equipment on board. Sailing across the ocean is the most dangerous sailing, not only difficult to operate, and once the risk of no one to help, and now the country engaged in the campaign is only three people. Guo Chuan lost contact after the Embassy Chinese coordinated U.S. ambassador to Hawaii for help, Honolulu Coast Guard dispatched 2 warships to rescue, search and rescue personnel when trying to board the "Chinese? Qingdao", found a life jacket, but did not find Guo Chuan. Guo Chuan lost contact, there are people on the Internet that the irony, this year also need Columbo? What is his contribution to society? Is "not to die"…… Guo Chuan’s trip is to impact a single uninterrupted record across the Pacific Ocean voyage. The International Sailing Federation will cross the Pacific route from Osaka to the end point of Japan China Shanghai, Italy last year, completed the first Maserati from San Francisco to Shanghai Chinese voyage. "In the past, the International Sailing Federation (trans Pacific) route is from the United States to Osaka, Japan, Losangeles, and now the end of the set in China, which means that our country is increasingly becoming the focus of the world." Martha Lahti on a total of 11 crew members, and Guo Chuan this trip is alone. Guo Chuan said, "I need to go from the impact of this record!" Guo Chuan splendid occupation career Guo Chuan, male, born in January 1965, native of Shandong of Qingdao. Guo Chuan graduated from the Beihang University, and subsequently obtained a MBA degree at Peking University, as a professional sailing competition. As the "first person" Chinese occupation sailing, sailing events in the international well-known Guo Sichuan has many "first": he was the first to complete the Volvo world yacht race Asian; he was the first to participate in the clipper round the world yacht race Chinese; he is the first single sail boat across the channel Chinese; he is the first in the 6.5 meter limit the sailing events Chinese; he is one of the tour de France participate in the tour de France Regatta and the first to win Chinese; he was the first to cross the the Atlantic Mini Transat limit the sailing events Chinese; he is the first single uninterrupted global navigation "sea cemetery"相关的主题文章: