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What will be the impact of the US EB1 visa suspension in China? – Beijing, Beijing, August 29, according to the U.S. "newspaper" reported recently in India and China EB1 visa is suspended, the U.S. State Department said 26 local time, at present only because the number of applicants exceeds quota, those Chinese citizens have applied for the EB1 visa and India citizens, in October this year, the new fiscal year the start will be in accordance with the schedule given priority. Many people suspect that this is related to the immigration fraud cases in some Chinese communities. But immigration lawyers said Never mind fraud EB1 scheduling and visa fraud problems appeared, although there are, but are in the minority, EB1 suspended visa is only a temporary phenomenon, the U.S. State Department spokesman Jarry Jia J (Ashley Garrigus) 26, said in an interview that the current federal government has not permanently stop sending EB1 visa to Chinese and the citizens of India, the United States law in the global scope of the number of visas has a limit. So now only temporarily stop issuing visas to Chinese and the citizens of India, to ensure that the total number of issued visa does not exceed the limit of the original quota, October new fiscal year begins, there will be more EB1 visa quota, those who have applied for the EB1 visa application China and India citizens will be prioritized according to schedule. EB1 pause at the same time, a number of legal persons are also questioned the transparency of the EB1 visa, some of the related fraud so many people suspect that the suspension of EB1 visa related. Jarry Jia J also said that the State Council will treat immigration and visa fraud seriously, has a wide range of projects to combat crime behavior of visa fraud and investigate all at present, but not publicly relevant data on visa fraud. Zhang Jun, a political and legal scholar, said the EB1 visa is a lot of applicants for the past two years, but this is a very temporary stop phenomenon, October will be restored to its original state. He supports an increase in the transparency of the visa, after all, immigration standards are not math, the more transparent the better, but China and India’s EB1 scheduling and fraud cases are not related. Familiar with EB1 visa EB1 visa Huaqiang Chinese lawyer said, there are several, one is a class of outstanding talent; the second is Professor B University experts; C class is enterprise executives. For law firms, they only accept eligible applications. However, she pointed out that once had a EB1 fraud cases, an applicant does not hire a lawyer to handle the EB1C visa, but let others help false information, the company address is fake, and all the information is false, the false data are now in jail, and the applicant has been banned from entering the United states. Huaqiang said, as well as related fraud cases a class EB1C is the address of the company in the United States, the registration of a handbag company in the United States, the staff said you are the president, but in fact only a few employees. In recent years, the EB1 visa application herd, fish mixed beads, some people do not qualify but false information application, this time is to get money and provides an opportunity for people.相关的主题文章: