Watch in Pioneer service ladder statistics on the list will be the three heroes,

"Watch" in Pioneer service ladder statistics   on the list will be the three heroes, game original title: "watch" pioneer country service ladder will list statistics to the three heroes of the October 12th update the new version, you can view second season watch pioneer in game rankings, also can let us know more about the game record information to god. So today, will bring you the service ladder top 100 heroes using statistical small series, we can understand those who can take the most heroic rhythm. At present in China ranked first in the SCLockTmg, just to break the 4500 mark, hit the 4514 level, almost full use of Leah check. The following is the national dress top 100 heroes use statistics, compiled from 4200 points to 4500 points about God in this season are most commonly used in the hero. Less than 2 hours are not included in the statistics, the statistical time of October 13th at 14 points. Leah: check which appeared 53 times, Mccrea appeared 46 times, 48 times, Genji Zen Yata appears 13, Reinhardt 14, Lucio 12, death appears 10 times, hunting air appears 8, Anna appeared 7 times, and the eagle appeared 5 times, 5 times, Winston appeared at 3, the United States appears 2 times the check number, Leah Mccrea and Genji appear high, far higher than other heroes. Does this mean that these three heroes are more likely to score? In other words, the technology is good, with these three heroes easier to bring rhythm, victory? It seems that the game in the high-end Bureau, or spell the upper limit of operation. But as the main milk angel, even one are not on the list, even professional angel (fast game player game time in Angel accounted for more than 95%), on the ladder are replaced by others, such as Lucio or Zen tagaytay. Before the interview in the forefront of the ladder he was also mentioned that, want to play good, it is best to check the Leah and Genji, easier on. Mccrea is the true test of marksmanship. If you want to score the game player, can work on the three heroes! (commissioning editor Dong Sirui and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: