Wanda SONY film and television cooperation with a large number of large Hollywood mainstream vote-bleep

Wanda and SONY film and television cooperation in the Senate to participate in a large number of large tracts of Hollywood, according to Xinhua reported on September 22nd, Wanda Group and SONY Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group announced a strategic cooperation. SONY film and television in the future will be open to Wanda SONY film production equity investment, and strive to allow the film to show Chinese elements. This is the first time for Chinese enterprises to reach an open cooperation with Hollywood mainstream film companies to create a new model of the global film industry. In the past, Chinese companies and Hollywood mainstream companies are basically a small investment in a single film, the contents of the investment, the amount of all in a passive position. Wanda cooperation with SONY and created a new level of China enterprises and mainstream Hollywood enterprise cooperation, Wanda embodies the influence in the global film industry, help to further improve Wanda in the global film industry the right to speak, but also provide a good reference for the internationalization of China film enterprise investment. SONY film is one of the six Hollywood studios, is a global influence of the film business. Reporters from the original Wang Jianlin’s speech is not difficult to find that his goal is not to hand SONY, Wang Jianlin was the Hollywood, perhaps the next step will be the Hollywood metropolitan and six in hand, because Wanda film on behalf of the China film market, attractive enough. "As the global film industry continued rapid development, Wanda will seek more strategic cooperation and content production company, Wanda cultural industry group senior vice president and chief executive officer of the international division, Gao Qunyao said. "This transaction has played a role in promoting our global entertainment strategy as we seek better returns and build closer ties with leading media companies." "China’s Hollywood film market continues to flourish, and this partnership has significantly improved our ability to directly communicate with Chinese audiences. Wanda is a vibrant entertainment company, chairman Wang Jianlin is very visionary, we are very honored to cooperate." SONY Studio Entertainment’s motion picture group chairman Tom · said Rosman. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: