Video – independent musician status report nearly 70% of the monthly income of less than 1000 yuan m

Independent music Beijing – VIDEO – status report: nearly 70% music monthly income was less than one thousand yuan of independent music music report: nearly 70% of average monthly income of less than one thousand yuan [comment] in November 22nd, the NetEase cloud music conference held in Beijing, officially launched the name "stone plan" independent music support program. In the next year, will invest 200 million of the scale of capital, from the promotion, performance, training and other seven aspects of the full support of independent musicians. At the same time released a report that nearly 70% independent musicians in the country, the monthly income of less than 1000 yuan in music. [commentary] on the same day, the first release of the cloud music NetEase, China’s independent musicians survival status report, as well as the NetEase cloud music musicians index". The report shows that musicians are generally low income in music. There are 68% musicians, the average monthly income obtained in music in 1000 yuan, while the monthly income of more than 10 thousand music music people, accounts for less than 5% of bizet. [in the same period]: independent musicians: most of Xie Chunhua’s independent musicians in the production are relatively lack of resources or better conditions in the field is not enough to do. The same period []: independent music a now because of the development of the Internet, the cost of making music in the lower, and many independent music is not a very good publicity channels themselves. [in the same period]: indie music may not be good. Because they are very lonely, not a complete team to help them run their music, so they are still in the process of a closed door. [comment] vice president of NetEase cloud music Ding Bo said, these are the music based on the demand, NetEase developed a cloud music oriented independent music "stone plan" in the coming year, cloud music NetEase will continue to invest 200 million yuan to support talented independent music. [comment] it is understood that the NetEase cloud music continued in recent years focus on the development of independent music and original music, has held the national campus singer contest, ideal music support programs and music war etc.. Reporter Jean Bao Beijing reports相关的主题文章: