Van tunnel in the spontaneous combustion of more than a car driver afraid of the car to escape the e-nlite

Van tunnel multi car driver is afraid of spontaneous explosion abandoned the vehicle and fled (Figure) – chief reporter Xu Qiang Beijing – Fuzhou Evening News "in the tunnel with the car spontaneous combustion, will not explode?" More than 3 points yesterday afternoon, 3rd Ring Rd Masson to Fuzhou city of Kuiqi tunnel, a van spontaneous combustion, smoke billowing smoke, many owners abandoned the vehicle and escape tunnel. By the fire department emergency fire, the accident did not cause casualties, traffic has been affected to a certain extent. Micro-blog pictures show, Kuiqi tunnel in black smoke, a lot of people gathered in the safe tunnel, tunnel vehicles in a huddle. Contact the reporter on the scene by Ms. wang. She said she was driving back to the downtown area of Fuzhou. Arrive at Kuiqi tunnel mouth, she found in front of the vehicle stranded, from time to time some people ran out of the tunnel. "I saw someone running out with a baby in his arms, and someone knocking on the window along the way to remind the other owners that" there’s a car in the tunnel. "." Ms. Wang said, she found that after entering into a tunnel, which has the light smoke covered some of the vehicles are also trying to turn around out of the tunnel, but soon behind other vehicles blocked. Because of fear of spontaneous combustion vehicles will explode, many drivers have abandoned the car to escape the tunnel, waiting for the fire brigade rushed to the rescue. The reporter understands, affected by the accident, Kuiqi on 3rd Ring Rd ramp temporarily closed. O’clock yesterday afternoon, the fire brigade will put out the fire, traffic has been restored to normal. Ms. Wang found that at this time, the fire is a van, has burned shell, fortunately no casualties. Currently, the cause of the fire is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: