University of Sydney China center will become Australia Education Cooperation bridgehead Beijing kamikaze love

University of Sydney China center will become Australia Education Cooperation bridgehead Beijing, Beijing, November 11 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Zhong Sheng) 11, Australian consul general Mei Gengrui, Suzhou mayor Qu Futian, Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Belinda? Hutchinson et al together for the University of Sydney in Suzhou Chinese center opening. Mei Gengrui said, the center is expected to China as Australia China Education Cooperation bridgehead, to further promote bilateral relations between the two countries. University of Sydney was founded in 1850, is the first university in Australia, ranked one of the top 50 universities in the world. In 1979, University of Sydney received the first batch of 9 Chinese students, became the first to receive Chinese students in Australian universities. After the return of these students, in the 80s of last century has set up 6 Australian research centers, so that the Chinese people are more familiar with the earth on the other side of the country". "The Chinese study abroad of University of Sydney is a pioneer to change the relationship between China and australia. Today we would like to become a pioneer in Australian universities, to further deepen cooperation and exchanges with China, Belinda, honorary president of University of Sydney, the center of the Chinese Center set up to explain the original intention of the road. From these 9 people, there are about 12 thousand Chinese students studying at University of Sydney, accounting for about 20% of all students in australia. There are more than 200 academics in the school directly to china. As such a university with Chinese origin of the helm, Mike, President of University of Sydney has a fluent chinese. He said, China Center is the first overseas education and research center of University of Sydney, we put it in China is the result of deep relations between China and australia. China Center will be used to promote cooperation with Chinese universities, research institutes and industries". Last week, University of Sydney "test tree" was blown down in a China social media hot moment, that Schmeik was quite surprised. He thanked the Chinese people for their concern for the University of Sydney, and promised to further deepen cooperation with Chinese institutions, so that more Chinese students have the opportunity to go to University of Sydney, spent a memorable time". According to the Australian consul general Mei Gengrui introduced since 2015, Australia in the mainland China formal implementation of the new Colombo Plan, China "has become one of the most popular destinations for students in australia". At the same time, as of mid May this year, the number of Chinese students studying in Australia about 46 thousand. "Education cooperation has become an important part of the cooperation between China and australia". Mei Gengrui said that the China center will serve as a mechanism to implement cooperation framework between China and Australia Education, promote the cooperation and innovation of academic research and industry of the two countries, has become the main driving force to strengthen win-win results between China and australia. The opening ceremony, University of Sydney and Fudan University, Chinese University Hong Kong, China Construction Bank and other units signed a memorandum of cooperation 4. It involves teaching cooperation, collaborative research, staff exchange and other aspects. (end)相关的主题文章: