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Treasure fantasy drama "Mango energy for love adventure" welcome overseas Premiere – Sohu "in search of love entertainment adventure" poster Sohu entertainment news by mango entertainment, mango film, Tianma totem CO produced, Jiang Jinfu, Cheng Yanqiu, Chen Xiang, Danson Tang, Sun Xiaoxiao, Wen Xin fresh meat beauty DEDECATES Xian Ying Zhou broadcast section "looking for love adventure" will be broadcast in the Burma MRTV in September 9, 2016. The play is mango entertainment has been planned for the main one, in order to perfect fusion and suspense treasure urban love two elements, the film side for senior fashion drama director Jiang Jiajun sits, featuring producer Nanpai Sanshu is one of the representatives in the field of special treasure. As Hunan TV when the Youth Week theater broadcast the 2016 year drama, since the broadcast will continue to attract hot discussion, with the topic of attention constantly, at the same time the national network ratings repeatedly gains the first success. For the current market stars or variety, film and television works, can cause the audience’s empathy is the key factor of success or failure. Since its launch, with high production standards and unique mixed theme, "looking for love" adventure regardless of the network hot or reputation ratings have gained remarkable achievements, especially the fantasy burning brain ending TV screen, is a breakthrough and try a bold. In today’s IP remake of a big case, the original power of drama emerged, called "brain hole. Logical". In the story the rhythm also broke the previous timeline idol theme, with the most enthusiastic young people "exploration" and "love" as the main line, a surge of adrenalin and dopamine and let the legend. As a production, the play Chupin, mango entertainment was founded in a short period of two years, have been given a very brisk transcript. In addition to depth in combination with the characteristics and preferences of 16 -25 years old young audience groups, to tap the domestic youth type IP, mango entertainment with its precise investment strategy, the sharp further extended to overseas market. The "love of adventure" overseas premiere, also proved that the mango entertainment has been recognized by professional counterparts overseas production strength, unique investment perspective. If the risk of finding love is a breakthrough, there is no doubt that it will be a great success.   相关的主题文章: