To understand the various types of shift tips, do not borrow a friend’s car will not open car Sohu clazziquai

To understand the various types of shift tips, do not borrow a friend’s car will open a car Sohu said the driver was always open under the next Pharaoh’s car got on a face at the old drivers do not actually have forced the car? Repeatedly asked only know that such an awkward way is the car shift blame only familiar with their car had never seen the shift after only to avoid this embarrassing situation at a loss what to do was produced by doing a science today will bring you a common market car shift way of summing up old drivers worth a look oh the most primitive way is to shift above this manual are generally 5 speed manual operation is to step on the clutch, gear shifting, release the clutch this is a very simple model is representative of the third kind of Santana in the current low-end cars are the basic manual of its obvious advantages is that sturdy and durable, simple and reliable shortcomings is to use up more trouble and effort due to the reverse gear Lock set manual and two different variants shown above the manual files need to be pressed into a hanging gear when it is the reverse gear on behalf of Volkswagen Golf and Jetta models have the advantage is to avoid false reverse hanging gearbox driving safety protection and another variant is used to lift the design files to lift and hang into a can be successfully achieved on behalf of reversing models have Baojun 560 in addition to manual and automatic car it weskit considerable shift the way is also very interesting is this fancy old driver is easy to get the wrong place straight platoon type automatic transmission is the most common just you can toggle under hang into the corresponding gear for driving safety but will generally have a shift lock button only after the car to push it to hang The reverse gear in the D block to the left or right toggle can enter the manual mode on behalf of models are MAGOTAN, Fawkes, Mai Rui Bao and other hot models and its operation is relatively simple and has high fault tolerance of the shifting process is relatively easy to understand so far the most common if the turn to turn to the straight line row type automatic turned into a ladder or snake although the shape is all sorts of strange things but it’s Gear method and the straight platoon type is basically the same but blind operation difficulty is not small complex serpentine gear slot for the new driver has just started and female drivers are generally more difficult to take a long time to run with from the Maybach to TOYOTA corolla are the use of this design is the biggest advantage of anti misoperation because of hanging out of the consideration it uses Shift the way up very troublesome Guadang have to fiddle with his half as old driver or want to drive the way make a simple point to introduce from the following liberation is very simple but not understand people who may not even notice it is this shift knob type only need rotate knob to the corresponding gear identification can be simple to understand R相关的主题文章: