Tian Yue from the Tsinghua School tyrants to barracks male god-candy boy

Tian Yue: from Tsinghua School tyrants to barracks male god training gap Tian Yue to explain the operational essentials of the soldiers to the soldiers. The wild geese fly south in autumn. In Hilly and gully, thirty-eighth army mechanized infantry company commander Tian Yue command 9 new vehicles, the implementation of outflanking. Behind the chariot, roll up the dust…… And the desert, Tian Yue could not have a meet. Why do people choose a grass-roots troops? Tian Yue said, from 9 years ago admitted to Tsinghua University, perhaps even earlier, his heart began to breed a dream on seed. "From entering Hongzhi class, I was more of a" responsibility "for poor families for the autumn of 2004, Guiyang city third middle school class Hongzhi ushered in the first batch of students. Poor children from Bijie Prefecture of Weining Tian Yue with outstanding achievements into this special group. "Grand send Party Tu, Zhiyuan is strong". 3 years of life left in the class Hongzhi young Tian Yue’s heart deeply: he do not have to worry about tuition next year, do not use the holiday to the small coal mine work, can finally put all thoughts and energy in learning. Bathed in the care of the party and the country, to enjoy the sea of knowledge, Tian Yue’s inner world is also quietly changing. In fact, from entering class Hongzhi, on my body is more of a national responsibility." In Tian Yue’s opinion, the class Hongzhi 3 years of experience, he is on the road of life, an important transfer station. Tian Yue grew up listening to the story of the Yi hero, has the impulse to be a soldier. "Energy-saving, Guanshan fifty states charge." A new goal in the life of Tian Yue more and more clear: 2007 college entrance examination, he was admitted to the national defense students in Tsinghua University. The whole of Guizhou only two places the opportunity for him, is the best choice for the realization of Chinese dream. In Tsinghua Yuan, Tian Yue began a new college life. Study, exercise, to participate in a variety of campus activities, Tian Yue like a tireless machine, expand their knowledge and ability to expand. However, the bustling metropolis did not change the original dream of Tian Yue. "The touching story of Tsinghua Centennial Hall to listen to the old alumni knowledge to serve the country to realize the value of life, with no regrets" two bombs fathers’ choice of face perception for national interests rooted desert incognito, often let me excited, hate myself to learn, ambition." Tian Yue recalls. After graduation, Tian Yue successfully achieved excellent in character and learning research qualification, in the view of teachers and students, the cause of road has been opened for him, for his girlfriend began to look forward to the future. However, Tian Yue made a decision: to abandon the research qualification, into the barracks. "To the front-line troops, starting from the grassroots, many people think it is a slogan, but I do not think so." On the eve of graduation, Tsinghua Yuan once again left the shadow of Tian Yue wandering thinking, I believe that the basic unit is the ideal choice to achieve the best choice." This is Tian Yue. Now, he has been working in the front-line troops for 5 years, from the office to the dry platoon commander. But Tian Yue is still in love with this every day with the guns deal, Gunpa Earth Day every day in the mud. Do not forget the beginning of the heart, in order to pursue the dream." In the face of reporters, Tian Yue recalled that graduation season,"…相关的主题文章: