Three days before the golden week, Beijing will encounter high temperature fog and haze weather –

Three days before the golden week Beijing will encounter hot weather Haze – Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Zhao Tingting) "eleven" during the golden week, the weather in Beijing can be the most changeful. The double attack will encounter high temperature, haze, the night of 3 to 4 days of rainfall, then the temperature will plunge, from the early 27 all the way down to 21 degrees C. The latest forecasts from the meteorological department show that during September 30th to October 7th, Beijing’s cold air activity, but the overall weak. Once the strongest cold air will appear in the night of October 3rd to 4 during the day, when the city from west to East will have showers, rain wind gradually increased, is expected to 4 at night, there will be about 4 northerly winds. This year, eleven golden week, the city’s overall temperature higher than the same period of the year, especially in the early days of the holiday temperature will gradually pick up, from October 1st to 3, the highest temperature during the day in the plain area will rise to about 27 degrees celsius. 4 will become a National Day holiday temperature divide, in the cold air, the temperature dropped significantly, the temperature range of 4 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature during the day from 6 to 7 will fall to 20 degrees celsius. Every year during the national day, Beijing seems to have with the haze of quitting, and this year is no exception. September 30th night to October 4th, the Beijing area of air pollutants diffusion conditions will gradually poor. Among them, the night of October 1st to 4 during the day, the city will have mild to moderate haze, visibility is poor; and the effect of rainfall on the 4 day, visibility gradually improved, 5 to 7, the visibility will be more than 10 km. Overall, most of the time there are more meteorological conditions during the holidays for the public to celebrate the festival, suitable for travel and outdoor activities. But 1 to the night of the night to day visibility is poor, the night of the 3 to the 4 day rainfall, the need to pay attention to traffic safety; late temperatures significantly decreased, especially in the morning and evening temperatures are lower. From a national perspective, this year’s National Day holiday period, northern cold air activities, before the holiday period of North Huang Huai with a mild to moderate fog or haze, large parts of the South will be sunny or cloudy weather. Specifically, from October 1st to 4 during the day, the diffusion conditions of poor southern part of North China, the Huang Huai area, mild to moderate haze or fog, 3 to 4 in the morning, North China, Huang Huai, JAC and other places with heavy fog. 3 to 5 days and 6 days to 7 days, the north will be the two large range of cooling and precipitation, with 4 to 6 level wind, temperature range of 4 DEG to 8 DEG, 10 DEG C local. 4, central and southeastern Hebei, northern Inner Mongolia and other places have moderate to heavy rain, the eastern part of Northwest China, North China has moderate to heavy rain, local thunderstorms and other severe convective weather.相关的主题文章: