This is a long march, from the depths of the history of the theme of the exhibition! kaya scodelario

This is a long march, from the depths of the history of the theme of the exhibition! The long march is an endless book. In the history of precipitation from the depths of the history of the interpretation of the hook, generous Fenghua, burning xuemaibizhang strong feelings. This is the time from the depths of the history of the theme of the exhibition, it is a question of heart, learn the power of the baptism of the spirit. In early October, the military training management department to promote the spirit of the long march and a strong army Albert "as the theme, held a mass art photography exhibition of calligraphy, artistic and cultural connotation of the long march spirit charm, became the annual military culture event. The purpose of the lofty "culture strongest voice" why do the exhibition? This year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of Red Army of workers and peasants, it opened a major turning Chinese revolution from defeat to victory, created their miracle, a lofty epic. It can be said that the long march spirit is a precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation and even the whole mankind. In order to promote the traditional red, red gene inheritance, to motivate soldiers not forget to early heart, take the new long march road, military training management department produce such a "cultural feast", is a clear theme and profound meaning. The whole exhibition is divided into three parts: "art, calligraphy and photography", which is intended to reproduce the history of Chinese traditional culture. Exhibit 112 pieces of calligraphy art photography works, thousand paintings are from the organs and units directly under the Ministry of cadres, soldiers and cadres in the creative selection out of step by step. The works are creative and profound, the theme is extensive, the quality is high, can make people appreciate the artistic charm in the process, by the Enlightenment of the mind, the spirit of inspiration and the mission of the reminder. Walked into the scene, deeply felt the overall appearance of the show presents a parade of the impact. Due to the rich works of art, art, as soon as entering the exhibition hall is a strong visual impact! In a profound implication of calligraphy art photography works, blowing a strong army culture brings positive energy. "Heart" of the work is the "sound" of the quality of education is the power of the people with the truth, with the real touch people. Only when the deep and the United States together, art can produce a real sense of profound and shocking. The exhibition works are the combination of the strong sense of mission and sense of identity, means the art of the long march spirit into one, that the audience in the cultural Charms when, can also feel a strong army call. The chairman, China Artists Association arts college art professor Liu Dawei with the freehand painting creation and painting "the guardian", depicts a tough expression, with pride, is the motherland north the Alps frontier border post duty of the people’s Liberation Army soldiers, showing border officers did not forget the early heart, dedicated to the defense of faith. Retired chief, deputy commander of the original military engineer Wu Hong has been 93 years old, when he learned that the exhibition news, impromptu sway the ink created, "the great glory" script associated with vigorous, handsome, handsome calligraphy expression of an old Red Army soldiers for the motherland Chidan sincerely, on the 80 anniversary the victory of the Red Army’s delight. Members, China Photographers Association College of art audio-visual center director Yu Genquan original is to seize the wonderful moments in life, shooting for)相关的主题文章: