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The world’s first driverless taxi in Singapore on the road – – the people’s Republic of Singapore, the government hopes to develop driverless cars, in order to solve the increasingly serious urban traffic congestion problem. August 26th according to BBC news reports, the world’s first driverless taxi on Thursday (25 days) in Singapore began trial operation, the operator is a company called NuTonomy driverless car software development company, formal business operations will be on-line in 2018. Although the scale of the test is not large, but highlights the fierce degree of global development of automatic driving vehicle competition. At present, the driverless taxi is only 2.5 square miles of commercial and residential areas (called "one north"), which is a major technology companies and Biotech Corp based park. Passengers on and off will be restricted to a specific location. In addition, passengers must receive an invitation to enjoy the service nuTonomy. NuTonomy says dozens of passengers have signed up for its first passenger service, and the company plans to expand to thousands of people in the coming months. The company’s chief operating officer, Doug Parker, said the driverless taxi or will eventually reduce the number of cars in Singapore, down from 900 thousand to 300 thousand. The government hopes to develop driverless cars to address the growing problem of urban traffic congestion. It is worth mentioning that, Uber also plans in the United States later this month on the line in Pittsburgh similar driverless car test program, but the nuTonomy test is the first time the use of automatic driving vehicles for public use. NuTonomy was founded by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers. (old) (commissioning editor: Liu Le (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: