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"The wedding" why Fengyuyulai Yao Di Ng Cheuk Hai faced Yao Di Ng Cheuk Hai Zhang Tong – Sohu through entertainment entertainment Sohu by Yao Di, has 5 hand in hand, Ng Cheuk Hai, Zheng Yawen, Dani and Li Mincheng, Sui Yongliang, and many other high strength cast DEDECATES in the city emotional drama "marriage" why later gradually into the broadcast, the topic continued to heat the higher, three pairs of CP and subtle emotions to also let the audience and users are very concerned about. As the story progresses, the University of Wang Luyi (Ng Cheuk Hai ornaments) Frence leave things a rapist, the complex family and mother Sue gold (Zhang Tong ornaments) the spirit of history, let Wang Luyi and Jenna (Yao Dishi) the number of separate lovers. But on the night of the story, King Louis finally gave the opportunity to treat the mother for to foreign countries, but in Zheng Yan (SUI Yung Lang ornaments) to lose the opportunity, good tempered Wang Luyi straight gas rushed to Yan Zheng office strike violently. And you know Wang Luyi’s family difficulties, even volunteered to help take care of Su, Wang Luyi smiled at the mother and lover of joy along in the side, easy Chongni face almost melted the hearts of the audience, also let users call dearly: "relaxed state Wang Luyi fans can do only two people. What time will together??" Can two people up to take this opportunity to return? But facing the rise of the meal, go abroad soon, she can put down everything in life to meet new life? At the same time, Gu less for flat (Li Mincheng) lost Burson Marsteller things finally by the old Diao (Zheng Yawenshi) know, under the old Diao bate moved away from the family, Smith married couples face the first separation, this is a good thing or a bad thing for two awkward and proud people, two people will be like birds flying in different directions? Different from the other two people, one of the three kings of prawns (Ren Zhongshi) life has gradually entered into a stable state, the business is done fast, but the hidden life of wind and rain but did not stop, Shi Yan (for Danny ornaments) in front of her boyfriend secretly start business, in the next story, former boyfriend will continue to intervene in the lives of two people. More exciting, please look forward to. "Why" marriage by Zhejiang Tak television Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai Ding Shi Film Company Limited, Guangxi broadcasting and television media development limited liability company produced, the famous Hongkong director Su Wancong, screenwriter Zhou Yuanjiao surgeon after 85, in Anhui, Shenzhen’s two largest TV evening prime time hit.相关的主题文章: