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The villagers on the village of television exposure potentially fraudulent violations: want to give it to whoever original title: villagers on television exposure village illegal cheat insurance: want to give it to whoever   "the old-age insurance for landless peasants, he wanted to give it to anyone, not only yourself, and let his father, brother and sister enjoy our homes, million village for his advice." People in Jiangxi Province, Nanchang television exposure of the "million village cadres Huoguo violations of relatives taking insurance" that caused the attention of the Nanchang County Commission for Discipline inspection. "Mouseexcrement bad pot of soup, a village cadres of the party and the government’s bad reputation in the old people, this must be an immediate investigation." County Commission for Discipline inspection. After a thorough investigation of misconduct, defrauding Huoguo million landless farmers endowment insurance gradually rise to the surface". May 2012, Nanchang County started landless farmers pension insurance pilot work, clearly stipulates that after the acquisition of arable land per capita less than 0.3 acres of land to participate in the pension insurance for landless peasants. Wan village about 0.71 acres of arable land per capita, the villagers do not have the qualifications of the insured. "I am responsible for the landless insurance declaration, know this policy the government will subsidize, began to move crooked brains, thinking of how to handle the insurance for the family." When the village Party branch committee, million village committee members Huoguo million in knowing that potentially fraudulent is illegal case, and still Wan she village thirteenth groups of fourteenth, accounting Xitang million million villagers group leader Wan Xiaoyong, Jianqing 4 "careful planning", through the fictional facts, forged million village "landless peasants land distribution table", accounting vouchers, payment bills and other insurance qualification materials, the million village homes hill town government and other relevant departments of the audit, approved by the county people club Bureau, for themselves or relatives of a total of 5 households in 12 for the old-age insurance for landless peasants. Since April 2014, 9 of them have received a total of more than $34.7 pension insurance. 000 Huoguo thought made a seamless heavenly robe felt a way of earning money, and the proud, but the discipline of network has been in his side quietly open. In November 2015, the Party committee of the town hill, decided to remove Huoguo million million village Party branch committee office, and ordered to resign from the village committee member million homes; 34.7 yuan pension for the personnel illegal collection shall be recovered and turned over to the county social security bureau. In August 2016, the Nanchang County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee, decided to give Huoguo million expelled from the party, at the same time, the County Social Security Bureau, on a hill in the town of old-age insurance for landless peasants in the process of examination and approval are not conscientiously perform their duties, the original social security chief Ceng Feng, hill town finance office to Xiao bin by two people were admonishing conversation. Discipline and said village official corruption is small, it does great harm, directly led to the policy can not be implemented, and damage the image of the party and government in the eyes of the masses. The typical case of abuse village discipline to alarm us, to those that occur in masses around the problem of corruption and unwholesome tendencies, to check the outcrop, raise the masses, in the sense of corruption is the wind. (Xu Chao) source: China discipline inspection and supervision report相关的主题文章: