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The United States allies worried Trone changed to general active communication on cooperation of Japan and South Korea original title: U.S. allies worried Trone changed to General of Japan and South Korea take the initiative to communicate about cooperation "that build a wall in the Mexican border to befriend with Moscow, ready to tear up the free trade agreement, forcing an ally all more money for their own…… Then?" Agence France-Presse said 10, "unpredictable" Trump let the world guessing, in addition to isolationism and protectionism of speech some broad, Trump did not plan his foreign policy details. From now the world’s only superpower only took over 10 weeks, traces America’s friends and foes are looking for his policy. In his 9 victory speech, Trump said he wanted to "tell the international community that we will always put the interests of the United States in the first place, but will be fair to everyone." German news agency, 10, said Trump’s motto is the United States, during which he had questioned the necessity of NATO, and that the EU greed, which means that the future of the relationship between Europe and the United States will be full of uncertainty. German Chancellor Merkel, 9, said he was willing to cooperate with the United States, but implicitly warned that the two countries’ close cooperation must be based on the common values of democracy on the basis of the. French President Hollande said more bluntly, congratulated for Trump at the same time, he warned the election ushered in a period of uncertainty. In contrast, U.S. allies in Asia more disturbed mood. 10, the Japanese authorities said the news that Andouble in the morning and Trone ordinary telephone telephone talks by the Japanese side, lasted about 20 minutes. Andouble congratulated president elect Trump, and stressed that the strong alliance is an indispensable support for peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region". Trump responded that the U.S. – Japan relationship is an excellent partnership, hoping to strengthen this special relationship". Kyodo news agency said, the start of the call, Andouble said "I believe the United States will be greater in the country’s leadership under Telangpujie". The two sides agreed on the 17 day of talks in New York this month to coordinate. Although Japan actively show off achievements, but in fact reflected Japan’s anxiety. Trump advocated during the campaign to withdraw from the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), so that the United States to assume more U.S. military funding. TV Asahi said 10 days, the Andouble administration completely without any preparation for the election of Trump, now a lot of worries, whether the Japan US alliance to maintain, the United States attaches importance to Asia strategy will promote the East China Sea issue, whether the United States still involved, which relates to Japan’s "country" policy is now facing great uncertainty. Japan news network, said Trump in his campaign speech, said: "Andouble did a very stupid thing, he let the yen completely devalued, destroying the U.S. economy." For Abe, how to win the trust of Trump, not to hurt the Japan US alliance, "do what thing can.". 10, Japan’s ruling party in the house of representatives to vote by the TPP approved the case and the relevant bill. Yonhap said, South Korean President Park Geun hye 10 ordinary telephone and Trone, Trump reiterated the commitment to defend South Korea during a call. Reported that Trump Jung相关的主题文章: