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The truck hits the pole to implicate the wire caused 1 dead 1 injured driver should take full responsibility for the Sohu news section of the incident Beijing News News (reporter Li Ming Intern Chen Weicheng) yesterday (5 days) at 6 pm, in the vicinity of Chaoyang District Shifoying Road East Road and Donghua District, a truck traffic car pulled over implicate wire, wire bar, two vendors smashed. Chaoyang District police station told reporters, smashed vendors 1 dead and 1 injured, the accident truck driver has been transferred to the bridge traffic police brigade, take full responsibility for the driver. This afternoon, the Beijing News reporter saw the incident intersection, break a roadside pole at about 20 centimeters, stem lodging northward across the road pavement, the roadside piled up thick bundles of wires. Witnesses Mr. Zhang told the Beijing News reporter last night, 6 o’clock, a van in Shifoying road from east to west when traveling to the incident, the hook on the road above the wires, resulting in the road on the south side of the wire rod broken, hit the next two vendors. "Smashed in a couple, have hooked wires running when the spark, a few seconds after the pole down, the woman is not on the spot, the man was rushed to hospital." Zhang said that after a few minutes of the family arrived on the scene, police and ambulances rushed to the scene. According to insiders revealed that the deceased and his family usually operate in the incident two snack stalls, nearly two years time. Residents near the incident told the Beijing News reporter, was hanging wire hanging hook incident a few days ago, there are sagging phenomenon, there are also recently passed through the car passing through the wire. This afternoon, Chaoyang District police station duty police told reporters that the accident was caused by the wire by truck implicate, died. The police said the accident from the accident truck driver should take full responsibility, the driver has been transferred to the Chaoyang District Shuangqiao deal with the traffic police brigade.相关的主题文章: