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The stars to help out Sohu video produced NPC Guan Ling lamented the baby is not easy – Beijing Guan Ling as the Best Producer Award from the media family in Beijing on 18 November, (reporter Zhang Xi) the evening of 17, the third session of the National People’s Congress will be held in the video produced by the Sohu of Beijing wukesong. Wu Xin, Baron Chen, and artist BEJ48 VC, Wang Qing, Alan, with Xu Fei, O21 group, host Guan Ling, Liu Yuxi, Qiu Qiming, Lizzie, director of Lu Chuan back to the scene. By showing the scene roadshow, fan interaction, the forum and the awards ceremony and other ways to promote and lead the video content from the media network heyday. As in previous sessions, the general assembly also announced the latest platform strategy to show the style of the producer and issued from the media awards, in recognition of the past six months to break through and innovation. Baron Chen is the best producer award on the night of the car from the media, the Sohu video producer awards awarded 13 awards, including 11 award winners (works) are selected respectively from ten categories, including comedy, science and technology, automotive, beauty, games, travel, parenting, anchor, VR panorama, 1000 in the eyes of the scene at the same time, also awarded the Innovation Award from the media content and Media Innovation Award, as a reward for nearly half a year to have the breakthrough and innovation in the content producer. Lu Chuan is the Best Producer Award from the media panorama VR first came to power as the Best Producer Award Guan Ling parent-child media ridicule host has been watching her play up, has two children. Guan Ling revealed that Mr. surnamed Ji, two children were called: the nickname gun Ji and Ji Guanhua, amused the audience. Mother Guan Ling knows the baby is not easy and hard to do, since the media of the intentions of those children who produced full of gratitude. For the best beauty from the media producer Wu Xin said that the United States to do the show in fact, there is a lot of pressure, beauty trends are changing every day, it is necessary to put a very boring thing to do a good look at patterns, in fact, is not easy. Baron Chen said that although today’s finalists did not win the prize, but they are unique, for the car from the media presentation of his site revealed that he usually did not dare to drive a car. (end)  相关的主题文章: