The Star Trek Captain 3 articles moon cake challenge attack

The "Star Trek" Captain 3 articles "moon cake challenge" players welcome Sina entertainment news 2016 the world’s largest production science fiction film "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars", released in China has reached 13 days, in many new attack at the box office battle, still hold in an invincible position, the box office reputation both bumper harvest. As one of the best response restart series, "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" attracted many passers-by more powder ", many viewers said small Mid Autumn Festival to" two imaginary brush". Today, in the latest exposure of the "moon cake challenge trek action" episode, Captain Kirk with three other players to learn the mid autumn moon cake production in Beijing, and Chinese audience to meet the Mid Autumn Festival, ready to "China snacks for Starfleet next trip". Captain Kirk gave chef homemade "smiley" Trek "sweet and salty party" moon cake triggered the war captain Kirk and the players in order to meet the traditional festival, and the audience China closer distance, especially from the United States from Beijing China, devote themselves to learning process of the mooncakes together to greet the difficult trek cake challenge". In the film side exposure episode, Captain Kirk, Wu Hu, Spok and Scott stayed four on the chef’s teachings, the unity of "war", too busy to be in full swing. From kneading dough, stuffing, seal to baking, each step is rich in Chinese traditional characteristics. Four star fleet members enjoy the joy of making cakes, Captain Kirk is full of childlike innocence, made a "smiley face" moon cakes to express thanks to chef. According to China north different moon cake taste, Starfleet unexpectedly also got the "sweet salty party factions. In the taste of a different flavor lost moon, Ukraine hulah Lieutenant bluntly only love salty meat cakes, Captain Kirk Spock and a pair of brothers will stand firmly on the sweet moon cake camp, Scott is to "love the world" attitude, "said sweet, salty taste of two kinds are love, can eat salty mooncakes morning, afternoon eating sweet cakes!" Starfleet comedy index out is like the most loving space day group "" Star Trek "series has gone through fifty years and thriving and prosperous, the Starfleet group of love to a global audience brought joy and touched countless. In "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars", both Spok and old bones sidesplitting dialogue, or captain Kirk led the staff to overcome the difficulties of the plot twists and turns, the star fleet love atmosphere and always in the spirit of solidarity embodied most incisive. Even in the kitchen, moon cake challenge, but also fully embodies the love between the members of the star fleet interaction. Uhura A Xan Gao Polk Kirk is the perfect moon seal, Captain technician, a "flour attack" on Scott, these small details of love that star fleet of the group features more real sense, no wonder there are fans lamented "watch" Star Trek 3: beyond the stars "really want to join Starfleet, praising the most love the space group, asked Kirk to interview me captain!" The "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" of the stars in the special edition of Qi China wish Happy Mid Autumn Festival, the audience is expected to bring more joy.相关的主题文章: