The second wave of credit regulation in the property market tests the pressure of house prices falli-face gossip

The second wave of credit regulation in the real estate market, banks test the pressure of falling house prices, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance for a long time lower than similar products, buy funds by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! After the national day, after the purchase of many restrictions, the property market again welcome credit regulation storm. The day before, the central bank held a conference on housing credit of commercial banks, strengthen the credit structure adjustment of the commercial banks, strengthen the management of the housing credit, loan risk control related. In order to prevent the risk of falling housing prices to the financial system, some places have begun to test the pressure of house prices falling. With the rapid growth of the housing price, regulators are paying close attention to the impact of mortgage business on the stability of bank assets, and a new round of pressure testing has been launched. In order to prevent the impact of falling house prices on the stability of the financial system, some cities have completed or begun to stress test. Beijing Business Daily reporter was informed that a front-line city has completed the stress test, according to informed sources, this round of test concluded that, in the city, the banking industry to withstand the pressure of 40% decline in mortgage. For this test index, the city business people said that this test is a theoretical hypothesis, but the worst situation is displayed, there is no need to be too pessimistic. In his view, regulators only carried out a risk prompt, the banks will be adjusted for their own characteristics. And for the banks may take measures to tighten mortgage, the city business people introduced, if the bank is expected to house prices will fall, may be related to the total amount of loans to control. Such as improving customer access threshold, more inspection of customer credit, economy and so on. In addition, banks also appropriately cover risks through earnings, such as raising mortgage rates. In fact, in September this year, regulators mentioned the real estate credit pressure test. In addition to risk testing, regulators are increasing the intensity of the property market regulation. In view of the crazy property market, the regulatory authorities have chosen to strengthen macro Prudential Management of housing finance. Beijing Commercial Daily reporter learned from the bankers, in the afternoon of October 12th, the central bank convened 5 state owned banks and 12 joint-stock bank executives and a loan, asset and liability department general manager held a commercial bank housing loan conference, convey the spirit of the real estate regulatory conference. The central bank requires commercial banks to rationally deal with the property market, strengthen the credit structure adjustment, strengthen housing credit management, and control the related loan risks. For the central bank initiatives, E-House Institute think tank center research director Yan Yuejin said that the central bank should say that opened the second prelude to policy tightening, and previously the housing construction department issued restrictions and other policies, in general, belong to policy version 1. While the central bank and financial institutions policy can be considered as the 2 version, in the credit scale, structural adjustment at the same time, it is expected that the follow-up will have 3 version, that is, fiscal policy will have to tighten or overweight practices. It is understood that the regulatory authorities will strengthen the supervision and inspection of financial institutions housing finance business, strengthen the guidance of the banking self-discipline mechanism, strengthen the macro Prudential assessment (MPA) constraints, in order to restrict the commercial bank credit to the property market theory

楼市信贷调控第二波来袭 银行测试房价下跌压力 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   继国庆期间多地限购之后,楼市再迎信贷调控风波。而日前,央行召开商业银行住房信贷会议,要求各商业银行加强信贷结构调整,强化住房信贷管理,控制好相关贷款风险。为防房价下跌给金融系统造成的风险,一些地方也开始进行银行对于房价下跌的压力测试。   在这轮房价快速增长的猛烈势头下,监管层正在关注房贷业务对银行资产稳定性的影响,新一轮压力测试已经展开。而为了防止房价下跌对金融系统稳定产生的影响,部分城市已经完成或着手进行压力测试。北京商报记者获悉,某一线城市目前已经完成压力测试,据知情人士透露,此轮测试的结论是,在该城市银行业能够承受房贷下降40%的压力。   对于这一测试指标,上述城商行人士表示,这种测试是理论上的一种假设,只是把最坏的情况展示出来,没必要过分悲观。在他看来,监管层只是进行了一种风险提示,各家银行还是会针对自身的特色来进行调整。   而对于银行可能会采取的收紧房贷的措施,该城商行人士介绍,如果银行预计到房价会下跌,可能会对相关的房贷总量进行控制。如提高客户准入门槛,更多地考察客户的信用、经济等情况。此外,银行也适当地通过收益进行风险覆盖,比如提高抵押率等。   事实上,在今年9月,监管层就提及房地产信贷的压力测试。除了风险测试外,监管层正在加大楼市调控力度。针对疯狂的楼市,监管部门选择加强住房金融宏观审慎管理。北京商报记者从银行人士处了解到,10月12日下午,央行召集5家国有大行及12家股份制银行高管及个贷、资产负债部门总经理召开商业银行住房信贷会议,传达房地产调控的会议精神。央行要求各商业银行理性对待楼市,加强信贷结构调整,强化住房信贷管理,控制好相关贷款风险。   对于央行的举措,易居研究院智库中心研究总监严跃进表示,央行应该说开启了政策收紧的第二道序幕,而此前是住建部门出台的限购等政策,总体上属于政策1.0版本。而央行和金融机构的政策则可以认为是2.0版本,在信贷规模、结构调整的同时,预计后续将有3.0版本,即财税政策也会有收紧或加码的做法。   据了解,监管部门将加强对金融机构住房金融业务的监督检查、加强对银行自律机制的指导,加强宏观审慎评估(MPA)的约束等,以约束商业银行的信贷投放至楼市。下一步,各地利率自律组织机制也将发挥作用,热点城市的按揭贷利率不排除会上升。   严跃进表示,后续对于房地产市场将落实差别化且收紧的信贷政策,这对于住房信贷管理有积极的作用,同时也体现出了房地产市场依然需要政策加码的需求。北京商报记者 崔启斌 刘双霞 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: