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The SDF overseas peacekeeping finalized a new task   Andouble regime bet? Inner Mongolia Channel – in a piece of doubts and concerns in the sound, the Japanese government recently established a new task of the SDF overseas issued "to the rescue guard" policy, the relevant resolutions of the cabinet will be the fastest in mid November through. The opposition warned, "force" the opportunity to increase will inevitably increase the risk of self-defense forces involved in the fighting. In the future if there is self-defense forces killed in the fighting, may bring a fatal blow to the Andouble regime. [implementation] determined not to change the Kyodo news agency quoted the 20 government insiders said, the Andouble administration has decided to in overseas peacekeeping missions of the SDF issued to the rescue guard "camp common defense" security law to expand the new task. Restrictions on the implementation of the scope of the southern capital of Juba in Sultan, a formal resolution is expected in mid November through. Previously, affected by the unrest in southern Sultan, the Japanese government has postponed judgment on the matter. The implementation of Japan’s new security law to participate in overseas peacekeeping operations of the SDF can carry weapons and rescue attacked UN personnel or civilians, "rush to the rescue escort". The team that performs the task is allowed to carry a gun and a warning shot if necessary. Japanese social concerns, which could lead to armed attacks, and triggered a firefight. Defense Minister Inada Tomomi, 7, went to South Sultan this month to inspect the implementation of peacekeeping operations on the ground of the Japanese self defense forces, she returned to Congress in the report, said, Juba city relatively stable". Prime Minister Abe Shinzo also said that "the task content increase does not represent increased risk, to try to resolve the concerns. 23 this month, the paddy field will be carried out in the country to carry out the task of training new self defense force inspection. [Andouble] although the opposition does not reduce unswervingly promote the new security law into practice in order to stage, as Japan’s "international contribution" report card points, but the Japanese concerns about the safety of self-defense forces never eliminate. The Liberal Democrats have pointed out, "if there is a self-defense forces to overthrow the Andouble regime may be unexpected misfortune". At the 19 meeting of the internal democratic party held in Sultan, south of the situation is grim, to discuss the issue of a new task, comments and other comments continue to spread. Members of the Liberal Democratic Party members to attend the meeting, the Japanese nationals and members of the SDF are very worried about the family, asked the government to provide correct information on the southern Sultan. Once went to the South Sultan peacekeeping mission site interview, Tokyo news reporter semi field criticized rice field inspections too rough". He pointed out that the paddy field in Juba only stay for 7 hours, the inspection site is safe in Juba city. Experts in the field of security should be more careful in the inspection of the war zone, rice minister should be at least one or two nights in the local, and self defense forces to act together to understand the local security situation." In fact, the paddy field in southern Sultan, the day of the inspection, a truck attack occurred near Juba, resulting in 21 deaths. In July this year, President Salva Kiir of South Sultan? The forces and allegiance to the vice president, former rebel leader Rick? Meshal’s troops in Juba continued fierce fighting, killing more than and 270 people and displaced tens of thousands of people. Kyodo news agency quoted the relevant words of the SDF相关的主题文章: