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This pot back Kojima Hideo responded "baby" survival [Sina video game metal gear finishing compiler please indicate the source] recently, "producer Kojima Hideo and IGN alloy equipment" series together to discuss KONAMI’s latest work "alloy" survival equipment. This is a complete departure from Kojima Hideo’s "alloy gear" game (click on the "survival of the alloy equipment" 15 minutes of video games). Well-known game producer Kojima Hideo, the new "stranded" death according to IGN reports, the island was asked "whether" alloy equipment to survive from his previous ideas, Kojima Hideo explained: "this has nothing to do with me!" Then they talk about the zombie problem in the game. The zombie in the "survival of the metal gear" is a game of political fiction and espionage, "explains the island." how does a zombie fit into this genre?" The island also said that if he was involved in the "survival" metal gear production, but is not a zombie army. The survival of the alloy equipment, as early as in August this year, the Cologne game show in Germany, is a game of four people playing zombie type. Is expected to land in 2017 Xbox One, PC, PS4. And KONAMI said before the game will not be sold for $60, but $30. (source: gamespot editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: