The new scene to help consumers return to the United States, double eleven performance increase-rainlendar

A new scene to help consumers return to the United States "double eleven" performance increase is a "double eleven", in the electricity supplier with stimulation of shopping exhaust all the skills at the same time, the United States with excellent line store consumer experience, business strategy integration of online and offline channels, provides the whole scene, the whole category of consumer experience for consumers, has won the favor of consumers. November 11th, the United States online, offline transactions grew by 146%. Today, the United States, through online, offline, mobile terminal and other diversified channels, to achieve a full range of consumer demand across the shopping channel. The scene of the transformation to guide consumers to return to the real retail sales in November 11th, a shopping boom diminished, although there are still people in the online shopping, but a lot of hand chop party this year has moved the store. In the United States by the two Baoji Road store experience in small household electrical appliances, many customers enjoy the cake while doing a good job, while the Internet price. Ms. Shaw said the customer, before the eleven habits of the total online shopping, buy things are not necessarily practical. Today, after the comparison, we know that the United States and the United States a lot cheaper than the goods online, but also visible, tangible, can be tested on the scene, so that the rest assured." Look at the store by two road People are hurrying to and fro., manager Chen deep feelings. He said: our store has been operating for 12 years, it is regarded as the old local stores, last year after a new scene after the re opening of the reform, it can be seen that more and more popular. Baoji is an industrial city, the economic downturn in recent years, I did not expect in the case of declining per capita wages, this year’s eleven stores can also reach a single day sales of $2 million 730 thousand." Consumers in the United States and the United States by the two Baoji Road shop to buy home appliance stores in the United States to promote the transformation of the new scene led to the phenomenon of consumer reflux, in the United States under the line store performance is very obvious. Covers an area of 2000 square meters of the United States Zhenjiang Danyang super store is located in a county-level city, "double eleven" before the new scene reconstruction, either on-site baking classrooms, VR experience area or small household electrical appliances and kitchen products, and first-tier cities store set up a model of a kind of. The new store environment and consumer experience, to the local consumers to bring a new shopping experience. Super store in Zhenjiang, Danyang, many consumers are family and group to come, they enjoy the shopping experience and become more and more time with their families. Danyang super store manager Ding said, "double eleven" on the same day, into the store shopping consumers nearly million, sales growth of 217% over the same period last year. Consumers in Danyang super shop after the first purchase of the United States to promote the transformation of the situation of the new strategy to boost business development in 2016, the United States to promote the full channel, new scenes, strong links strategic transformation. Through the construction of "new scene" innovation stores, Gome in real real, to show the charm of quality home appliances to consumers, to meet consumer appliances experience demand. At present, the transformation of the scene after the new stores in the United States, consumers can use in the classroom in the baking oven, handmade cakes; in Zhichuang space manipulation of UAV, sense of HTC devices using the body to play games in the gaming area; Internet cafes, game host consumers can experience the world’s top; in the United States "the future of my family", to the kitchen design, professional home water treatment system)相关的主题文章: