The mother side with 6 months pregnant with 4 year old daughter around to steal (Figure)

The mother side with 6 months pregnant with 4 year old daughter around to steal (Figure) original title: mothers side with 6 months pregnant with 4 year old daughter around to steal (Figure) 4 year old girl, was supposed to be in the kindergarten, learning to play, but the young mother with a steal everywhere. In September 22nd, police Beilin Branch cypress police cracked a theft, a woman abetting minors theft was arrested, the woman was released on bail for 6 months pregnant. Since adults borrow to buy things to steal cover children in April this year, cypress police station area occurred on the merchant theft. The police through the retrieval of surveillance video of some businesses found that these cases are a four or five year old little girl, a young woman has been with the little girl together. The afternoon of September 22nd, is luomashi patrol near plainclothes police found the woman and the little girl again to luomashi near, secretly tracking. After a while, the woman with a little girl came to a sell CD stalls, and stalls boss woman approached accosted, said to buy CDs, just two people talking, a little girl around to the other side of the booth, quickly take a mobile phone inside the booth, stuffed into his clothes, then calmly back to the girl. The woman saw the little girl back to her side, and soon left the booth, when the distance between the two men stand far away, the little girl took the phone to the woman. Then the police arrested the woman, the girl and her back to the police station. The suspect is the little girl’s biological mother after investigation, woman surnamed Li, outsiders. A little girl is Lee’s daughter, 4 years old this year, and Lee was already six months pregnant. Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter saw lee. Lee said, she is 24 years old this year, every month the little girl (a pseudonym) is her daughter, she has a 6 year old child in the home school, her husband working in Guangdong, but Lee has denied her daughter for abetting theft, stealing the police to produce monthly surveillance video, Lee has been looked down in silence. China Daily reporter saw a month when she is holding the police mobile phone watching cartoons, eating snacks bought police. After Lee was arrested, the police see all clothes dirty, buy new clothes and shoes to change her. Although the police to accept things, but less on words, ask what is not the answer. To talk about her and her mother a group of strangers, month also appeared very calm. Police investigators confirmed that the month is Lee’s daughter. The suspect is a recidivist has repeatedly instigated the child theft police said, Lee was arrested, was holding from buying CDs stolen mobile phone booth. In addition, several businesses according to the monitoring report before the month she can determine abetting acts of theft. The main target of crime is her mobile phone, sometimes stealing money, every time Lee in the side yard, or borrow to buy things to attract businesses, by stealing children hands. According to police two monitoring display, a clothing store in the month, while the clerk quickly turned away from the counter reception customer, the drawer and the inside of the mobile phone away, only 6 seconds,相关的主题文章: