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The most beautiful village, landscape gallery – Hongcun – Sohu in Hongcun tourism draw, the early morning is the best; sun awakens the white walls between the bluestone linger dream; painting in Hongcun, the evening is static blunt, sound rays washed gray tiles between the Horsehead walls linger; painting in Hongcun, the night is quiet and solemn. The seichi hold village, swaying in the sparkling mountains. Painting in Hongcun, the day is noisy, it is left to the tour group. Painting in Hongcun, the United States in the evening and early in the morning, so drunk in the United States live in Hongcun night, to experience the best time here. The village has a tree approach death trees, stroking its sunset years quietly listening to the wound, it witnessed the village story. Set to cover the village named Lotus Pond, South lake. In the south of the Yangtze River, the lake is the soul of the village. This year the lotus, than in previous years more, just around the village with ancestral temple, reflecting the most beautiful piece of Green Village perspective. In the late summer, lotus has also had the most beautiful season. Only a few scattered points, and scattered the petals of the lotus flowers. After a month, should be the best season of the lotus shoot. A static pool reflecting the ancient houses swaying figure, white horse wall accompanied by the setting sun, a little golden glow. Most of the lake is the Department of art students in sketching. Persistent attention to the expression, so I can not bear to disturb them, quietly walked past them. The pension benefits are many, Lakeview room morning opened the window you can see the misty pond, visible a moonlight beauty. Just look for a good, each have their own characteristics, according to their own preferences to choose a suitable price. The people here are hardworking, animal is lazy. Look at this cat will know, very famous black police in the village, a shiny hair color, not afraid of people. There are some dogs, or happy to enjoy the patches of sunlight, or excited to play in the alley. The Sun continues to the west, the tourist group is less and less. The village returned to a normal attitude towards life. Sporadic individual, curious to see the village leisurely pace of life.. Here the golden sunset time, eyeful is warm and golden. In addition to Nanhu village, there is a large pond is marsh. Mainly played a role in fire prevention, but also the villagers wash clothes in the morning and evening will see. In the village there are a lot of people still do the ham with old dried, pickled was hanging on the wall, the rest of the time for this pair of best chef hands. It is said that three years of ham taste is the best. In addition to ham, chicken and the village, in the stalls, really tempting. I would like a lady holding a piece of meat to eat while walking, this picture is too broken to imagine, stopped slobber. Go on. The sun slowly down the mountain, adds a touch of pastels to the ink to the small village, tiled landscape painting more clever. Hongcun travel treasure: [hotel] Hongcun accommodation is divided into scenic spots and scenic spots, each has advantages and disadvantages. In the area of the hotel is mainly for family pension, comparison.相关的主题文章: