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The market is expected to rise ten on half line blog market outlook sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my Sina Finance News September 14th news, stock index opened lower in early trading, once continued downward, intraday fell 3000 points, followed by stabilization and recovery, the decline narrowed, but the weight stock the performance of the doldrums, Shanghai refers to the lack of the power, to maintain the shock consolidation trend, near midday fell again. Two cities stocks continue to divide, subject shares increased activity, the volume has shrunk sharply again. On the disk, apple stocks rose, electronics manufacturing, water conservancy, agriculture and other sectors stronger, tourism, Shi Moxi, shipping and other plate decreases. Jade Name: risk guard 3000 points to understand the risk and positive factors to maintain the position of half a good position, because once the wave after the test, the index is expected to be similar to the June bottoming out, so it is an opportunity. Stock market: the market is expected to rely on the half line up to wait for short-term lows, control positions and long-term strategy to deal with the band; to continue holding the main unchanged, bargain hunting high quality ticket, learn to laugh Aomo bottom, will The Legendary Swordsman. His brother to read the tape: adjustment is still possible if the market after the holidays is still not good, so the holiday market will continue to seek new support, the half line is likely to fall Xu Wenming: day after the market will continue to low-spirited no breakthrough before 3050, investors can not do more, below the support is 2980 points and 2960 points and even if it can be stabilized, is expected to rebound in the space is not too large. Min Fei: after the fear is still hardly optimistic even if there is such a rebound, to analyze from the daily or weekly perspective about rates of just by relay, so overall, I’m afraid the holiday market is still optimistic about the unspeakable. Master: speculation fell after the holiday after the hunters fell from the current point of view, there is space, after the market fell below 2900, I will consider the problem of short-term dips. Old music: band adjustment or approaching the end of the C wave approaching the end of the initial expectations, after about two trading days there will be a rebound out of line, put the basic expectations as a joke. Yu Hui: market closing frequency standard small cross star brush amount of hope that you are well, on the one hand means that straddle the cautious performance, on the other hand is the original signal trend for everyone a spent force, control positions can be held. Liu Yong shares: Festival market will decline after the market will continue to fall, unless the festival can appear rapid shrinking stabilized, otherwise will continue for a period of time after the fall. Zhao Lihang: more than half the city empty and under the new normal subversion of the traditional as fermentation Fed rate hike is expected to heat up so bad, may have steadily retreated to the market trend.   (Jiangshan) Click to view more Bowen   enter the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: