The man ran away from home to steal milk for a week for residential penniless 3u8895

The man ran away from home to steal milk for a week for penniless district recently prompted the core, a small box of milk milk often appear lost phenomenon. According to the police surveillance video finally arrested the thief. Originally, a vindictive man and his family away from home, a few days later, returned home, and no one broke in the home, the man turned out to steal someone’s home milk box of milk for a week of life. A man and his family quarrel quarrelling away from home, a few days after the home, found his wife with children playing the missing. Because penniless, only full house to steal other people for milk. I lived there for a week after the milk thief arrested. The early morning of August 17th, who lives in a district of Putuo Xu aunt used to open the milk box in the corridor, but set a good milk did not come to the party. Xu aunt said, began to think that milkman did not come, call to ask the milkman, milkman also feel very strange, said it was stolen. "I did not expect, how the milk was also stolen. It’s not locked, because we’re safe here." In the next few days, a few buildings in the district residents have encountered the same thing, and then find the milk company complaints milkman. Milkman Li Yongqin said that from August 17th to 25 during the period, she received a total of more than and 40 residents did not receive complaints of milk, was also no place to complain. Then went to the district where the residents and police station reported. Milkman half past four, residents generally get up at six. After the alarm, the police and security community in recent days through continuous probe areas throughout this short time record of a repeated figure, attracted their attention. August 25th early in the morning, when the police finally caught the whole district dispatched, Lin, he just had to steal the milk. Lin from Anhui to Shanghai workers, just recently quit work express. The source of the matter is in August 10th, in order to whether the child is to stay at home reading, or bring the problem of Shanghai, he quarreled with his wife. Lin said he ineloquent, wife scolded him and he doesn’t talk back, but the heart simmering gas ran out, hanging around outside a few days, three days back, found his wife returned directly to the house. Before going out, his wife had all his money was lost, the phone also broke down. Rent the house is gone, my wife took the summer to visit the children disappeared, even scooters are gone. Lin in the hands of the cell access card, he became the last straw. Lin said he went out every day to find his wife, in the garden of the night. Three or four days to eat, he thought of milk. Starting in August 17th. To take advantage of the residents did not get up, drink milk box unlocked the milk in the corridor. For more than a week on this milk. Taking into account the behavior of the forest damage to the safety of the residents of the District, Lin was sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention. Putuo Public Security Bureau as the community police station Wu Yuesheng introduction, after the expiration of the police administrative detention, taking into account of his own practice, because he was penniless and homeless, will help the government to go back home, Lin.相关的主题文章: