The man picked ginkgo juice was splashed on the face swollen eyes to slits sayu-02

The man picked ginkgo juice was splashed on the face swollen eyes to slits in late autumn, ginkgo leaf grow to become a beautiful landscape, individual citizens will have on the tops of ginkgo fruit shake, ready to go home as a medicinal tonic. As everyone knows, direct picking ginkgo fruit may lead to skin irritation, itching, rash, causing irritant dermatitis and allergic dermatitis, and even cause anaphylactic shock. Recently, the Ningbo Department of Dermatology, Ninghai County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners attending Ye Haibin had such a fruit of "invasion" patients. With Lee did not wear gloves and masks in picking fruit, later in the shelling was when the gingko fruit juice splashed on the face, chest and hands. Then Mr. Lee felt the skin is itchy, like a lot of small insects crawling in the body, very uncomfortable. Second days, Mr. Lee found that his face was swollen like dough, swollen eyes to slits, hands and chest were also swollen badly. After treatment, and now Mr. Lee’s degree of swelling has been significantly improved, of course, he also said that he would not be able to easily pick ginkgo fruit. Leaves the doctor said, such as Lee, ginkgo fruit and edible due to contact allergy causing many people, frequent day admissions of three or four patients. Also called ginkgo ginkgo fruit, sweet, bitter, toxic. With Runfei cough, phlegm Dingchuan effect. After modern research, ginkgo fruit and patency of blood vessels, improve brain function, anti-aging role. "There are organic acids in the fruit peel of Ginkgo biloba, which can cause skin allergic reactions." Ye Haibin explained, "not only that, especially nuclear ginkgo embryo and cotyledon contain small amounts of ginkgolic acid, ginkgo ginkgo, alcohol and other toxic substances, is the main component of hydrocyanic acid. People eat raw or cooked food poisoning caused by excessive light, malaise, lethargy, or manifestations of nausea and vomiting, cramps, lips cyanosis, dyspnea etc.." However, Ye Haibin also said, we don’t talk about "ginkgo fruit color, as long as the attention in picking, eating fruit, no problem. "When picking, wear gloves and masks. In the ginkgo fruit peeled when you must wear gloves, and nuclear, carefully remove the fruit of the embryo and cotyledon." Ye Haibin reminded the public not to eat raw fruit, even if cooked is not excessive, children usually 3-5 grains, adults do not exceed 10 tablets. Once an allergic reaction occurs, visit the hospital as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: