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The Japanese Seafood Shabu, wanted to achieve the ultimate taste – Sohu tourism crab eating autumn, went to Shanghai to eat crab season. Autumn, in addition to crabs, there is more choice for you [music] cook selected live crab, red crab live pine. Pick crabs first take a look at how should choose fresh sea crab! In order to ensure the ultimate fresh ingredients, must meet all the following conditions can be [music] cook selected, we may also learn to pick the trick — 1 crab crab [] keywords a hard back many times because the crab shell, a back up a circle. Just one crab shell will be more soft, while protecting the soft shell crab crab is the most dangerous period. During this time the crab will try to avoid activities, quietly hiding in the cracks in the rock. Therefore, the soft shell crab is not how to eat, but also the lack of exercise, it is not too full, it will be empty oh. So the hard shell is an important symbol of fat crab! Keywords [two] Beckham crab shells if barnacle like small shellfish attached, crabs in the sea of healthy living, healthy and strong evidence. (see shell white dots? Those are small barnacles) 2 see yo ~ [a] keywords belly belly shell hard and beautiful, can resist external attacks, but the crab stomach is weak, so when to buy crab must remember to see the belly, not only the crab! If the store not to look at the crab belly that is a problem, the crab can not buy oh. Keywords two [color] color white or red is not good, the best should be yellow. In general, too much white belly that crab body is not very good, relatively yellowish color, is that the crab is healthy, so don’t pick good white belly, to choose the partial Brown belly crab oh. 3 see details of a keyword [weight] can not just look at the size of cushion pad component, selected on the crab, and that the crabs are the same! Keywords two [great] pliers having large pincers crab that has experienced the final ejection is the male crab, this is the preferred target! Keywords three [stick] shell touch the crab and crab foot surface, if there is a sticky feeling, the crab is not fresh! [music] cook live crab are all mighty domineering! Do you have a knack for picking crabs?! Small sincerely recommend to the Japanese Seafood Shabu everyone, 260-300 yuan per person, on the word of mouth and taste to the extreme. – Cook Le Japanese style Shabu in addition to the above pick [music] boiled crab tips, live crab what in particular? – where is the crab? Cooked snow crab and red crabs music from Japan between Russia and Hokkaido waters. After the capture of air directly to Shanghai, temporarily raised in the temperature of 3-4 degrees C, salinity 23 degrees in the sea. So when you see the crabs on the table, that is full of vigor and vitality as if just remove the sea ~ (although see them so lively and lovely may have compassion…… Need to do a good job of psychological preparation – crab?  相关的主题文章: