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The film "Yangtze River map" premiere Zhilei dream art film director Xin Thanksgiving – Xin Zhilei entertainment Sohu Sohu attended the premiere entertainment news yesterday, won the sixty-sixth Berlin International Film Festival "Silver Bear Award for outstanding artistic contribution" magic realism love film "Yangtze River map" held a world premiere in Beijing. Director Yang Chao, starring Xin Zhilei, Wu Lipeng attended the premiere of a public key creative. As the shooting Zhilei symplectic the true meaning of the first film, not only for the filming process impressed that her movie continues today. The film tells the story of "Yangtze River map" in the Yangtze River on the two time staggered love story, the interpretation of a symplectic Zhilei perseverance constantly pursuing their belief of love female practitioners in Anlu". In the pursuit of their own past, and met on the way to Gaochun (Qin Hao) played a magical love story. The scene of the event, more than once in the recall of a shot. Due to the characters, Xin Zhilei have climbed in the cold winter also unarmed, had been shot during the long time immersion in cold water, and sometimes only wearing a thin shirt, this is not a small challenge for water is not good for her. But as a real sense of their own in the first film, Xin Zhilei admits a great impact on their own, the harvest is also a lot of hope in September 8th officially released nationwide, you can visit the theater feeling.   相关的主题文章: