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The drama "33 days" will be   the classic resurgence of "new" Italy full – entertainment channel, China love fiction pioneer, the Golden Horse Award for best adapted screenplay, the film moved tens of millions of watercress users lovelorn diary "33 days" is a drama, in November 11, 2016 to 27 in Beijing flyover art the center of a small theater and the audience, laugh with tears in the romantic inspirational drama, upstream of the journey of love, cited expectations. The fun culture media produced the drama "33 days", in tribute to the original author Bao Jingjing, senior writer Chen Shuling classic re grinding, so that the whole story structure and tonality is more in line with the drama stage show in the movie and drama; and professional field of high reputation of Chen Liang and Tan Zeen as director and choreography in the story, the script will guide the role, show the character language and costumes, lighting design, interactive and other aspects of the upgrade build stage, and strive for the audience brought hitherto unknown opera experience. Love is crazy, don’t love is strong, this sentence five years ago in the film version of "33 days" for fans for having heard it many times a word, it is from the original author Bao Jingjing. The original story is the high-end wedding planner Huang Xiaoxian von bestie day split, split huff and her boyfriend of seven years, feelings on the idea that the encounter plus the unsatisfactory work that she fell into the low life, tired! But even so, there is no love of life is to continue, a break in after the agony and tearing, while still need to be forced to work because of others’ experiences of romance…… At this time Huang Xiaoxian has found a lot of things had not noticed before, life became bold and vivid, even rediscovered his dignity in the face of love. At the same time, accompany and help her through the lovelorn colleague Wang Xiaojian has sissy make Huang Xiaoxian sit up and take notice. On the thirty-third day of Huang Xiaoxian’s disappointment, the lights of the city, how to principle, she finally wakes up Diamond bachelor and Henan membership woman with RTHK reached the golden secret, the most important is the "right people" is always with her…… Many have seen the fans or fans will play with Huang Xiaoxian encounter or ridicule or tears trickling down cheeks and the actor Wang Xiaojian, accompanied by "the people are invincible" and "cheap" of each of my sight Huang Xiaoxian wit male bestie image’s rescue. I fell in love with the lovelorn 33 days later, on the basis of the original, five years after the drama version of "33 days" script sincerity will use three segment regression, complete cross plot plot instead of the original building paragraph for having heard it many times, is different from the "33 days" is the other version of the show unique advantages in different the time and the social environment, to show the similarities and differences of the lovelorn, seek diversified thinking and resonance. Of course, this misplaced settings will bring more comedy effect, more in line with the tastes of modern drama audience. At the same time, the script can also selectively retain the original in popular passages and part of classic lines, familiar with the original audience, will undoubtedly arouse once warm memory. In addition, following)相关的主题文章: