The Double Ninth Festival again today to the old Beijing – how many scam-autobots

The Double Ninth Festival again today to know how much the elderly scam Beijing – by the end of 2015, the city of Kunming over the age of 60 elderly population census register 950 thousand and 400. According to incomplete statistics, Kunming is also home to more than 10 elderly people outside the household registration. In the purchase of goods or services, due to the impact of consumer attitudes, awareness, knowledge, information and other factors, the elderly are still in a relatively weak position, the legitimate rights and interests are more vulnerable. In the random survey, most of the respondents said they would not be deceived, but the actual situation is the opposite…… [routine] the reporter found that in older groups of health care products sales enterprises, not only for some petty win over the elderly, the elderly are more familiar with the emotional and psychological needs, and know how to obtain the trust of the elderly. Seemingly ridiculous but actually implies a variety of routine sales trap, so that the elderly will eventually be reduced to be slaughtered lamb". Street hair handbill before reporters at Daguanlou seen near the bus station, nearly 20 young men and women specifically for the elderly in the leaflets. The leaflets including celebrate Thanksgiving feedback, Hongkong international yishouyuan 20 anniversary of the establishment of the national engineering materials, a gift of love long long project for free Huimin Huimin material etc.. Reporter inquiry found that there are many contents of It is sheer fiction. Through the visit, the reporter in Beichen Road, the White Horse District, Zhuan new farmers market, news Road, Nanping Street, Qingnian Road and other places were found specifically for the elderly distribute leaflets of the "enterprise" in the office, in addition to several different leaflets in the address is the same. In addition, more companies in the guise of household investigation cited the elderly deceived. Flicker do members claim to receive free material activities, exactly how? Reporters on the basis of the address of a flyer to the news Road, an office, the 62 year old Ms. Jia to help reporters understand the situation. Through the recording, the reporter found that there is a man to enter, the staff will convince its membership, said membership benefits, every month can receive free time such as egg and other gifts, but also through the integral to exchange gifts. While the members only need to fill out a form, plus 50 yuan fee. In addition to table name, age, contact, there are all kinds of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. When Ms. Jia proposed whether you can take the form to take a closer look at home after being rejected. Small cheap temptation due to the behavior of Ms. Jia, drew a woman suspected, not become a member. On the same day, a more than and 80 year old said: "I’ve been here before. At that time on the 5 floor, they let me pay 10 dollars, gave me a noodle, that is, there will be other activities in the future will contact me to bring, the results were gone." This time, the old man met last time and the same situation: fill in a form, pay, when membership. Reporters learned that many such enterprises do to petty show good, in order to attract the elderly cheated. In addition, these companies tend to use a number of scientific experiments to prove the advantages of their products, so many elderly people are convinced of the effectiveness of the product. LAN相关的主题文章: