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The British Propaganda: only choose "hard off Europe" or "not against Europe" – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, according to foreign media reported on 13, the European Council president Tusk said in Brussels on 13, as far as the relationship between Britain and the EU, the only choice in the UK "hard off Europe" outside "not from europe". Tusk said that the EU adhere to the free flow of population is the principle of the United Kingdom to stay in the single market, the EU will not compromise. Tusk will chair the European Union leaders to discuss the meeting with the European Parliament, as the head of the European Council is responsible for hosting and promoting the EU’s related affairs, but also the EU’s main representative on the world stage. Britain in June 23rd this year to stay in or out of the European Union to hold a referendum, 52% of voters in favor of the British withdraw from the EU, the opposition of 48%. The British Prime Minister Teresa – Mei previously published more details about British withdrawal, to start negotiations with the EU in March next year. Negotiations will take two years, including immigration and remain in the European single market complex issues. Tusk at the Brussels conference and the satirical British European camp before the referendum, boasted that "eat fish and bear paw" can keep with EU trade interests, while prohibiting EU immigration into the EU court and refused to recognize the power of. Tusk said, "the harsh reality is that Britain is a loss to all of us," he believes that the UK may not end up in Europe, "even if this possibility is very low today". However, Tusk reiterated that the removal of Europe is beneficial to the country, the United Kingdom is entirely their own choice.相关的主题文章: