Terry Gou’s mother, helping the Kuomintang to borrow 9000 million NT payday Sohu Military Channel-4000dy

Terry Gou’s mother, helping the Kuomintang to borrow 9000 million NT payday Sohu – Military channel information: Terry Gou Guo Chuyong’s mother. China Taiwan network October 26th news: according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the KMT party was due to trace, party workers salary in September delayed, caused the heart floating. The Kuomintang announced on 26, two through the sum of interest free loans, will be September outstanding party workers salary, and the original should be made on Friday October salary, issued in the afternoon all the remittance. KMT vice chairman Zhan Qixian said, the borrower has a Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou mother Guo Chuyongzhen. According to reports, about the source of funds, Zhan Qixian said that the loan mainly has two loans, each of the 45 million (NT, the same below), a total of 90 million yuan. For fear of money borrowing accounted for by the Kuomintang will be frozen, consult with a lawyer, the KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu named borrowing. He stressed that his "to do", money already into account. The administrative committee chairman Qiu Dazhan said that it is borrowing in "improper property committee rejected the Kuomintang apply for account and pay salary freeze party party, the amount of loans to Guo Chuyongzhen on the afternoon of 25 remitted to the account of Hong Xiuzhu, another 26 at noon to sink. Qiu said the money is used for exhibition, remittances accounted, cash flow is very clear, can be found, denied the rumor privately accepting donations case. As for the next high salary, Qiu said, is still working to see "improper treatment Party committee chair Gu Lixiong has no conscience. Zhan Qixian said, this time please pay special membership dues and donations from members to donate, society has been gradually concerned, funds can enter, although the amount is not large, but we care about the development of democracy in Taiwan at this time to help the people to survive, because the long hard unfair way to go.相关的主题文章: