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Take2 second quarter earnings report released GTA5 global game publisher Take 2 Interactive Software today announced the fiscal year second quarter earnings. Net income rose 21% to $420 million in the second quarter. Company CEO Strauss Zell Nico speech at the earnings conference, talking about the company’s main business and development. Mainly tells of the "wilderness biaoke" published 2, making the scheduled increase. In addition to the "NBA2K17" series for sale record "Grand Theft Auto 5" global sales exceeded 70 million copies and great profit point. T2 Mobile Games and VR games will also be listed during the year also released this year the "3 Mafia", "WWE2K17" and "Sid Mel" 6 civilization also played an important role in the icing on the cake. Mr. Strauss spoke in particular about the earnings in "6" and "civilization" UFO: enemy unknown won the media high praise and praise, enhance the company’s reputation. "Published" the wilderness biaoke 2 were welcomed by their game player in the statement, Strauss also said he was looking forward to provide more "HD remake" works for the market in the future, after all "BioShock" series for access to the market and the game player must. "Grand Theft Auto 5" world on the five platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox, One, PS3 and Xbox 360) of the total sales exceeded 7000 (I contributed three copies of XD), "Grand Theft Auto Online" is still in constant profit has expressed a positive. Metacritic of "Mafia 3" host evaluation version at around 3.5, while the PC version only 3 points but when the field reporter asked about "Mafia 3" evaluation of lower than expected, "Strauss said that the current rating system is a problem". He believes that the players are given a good score of the game in their work on the support and recognition of the input, as for those who give a low score T2 will not refute, they will use more good games to meet players. As for selling DLC, T2 said it would not use DLC every game player last cent, they still to launch new games as the main target. Finally, Karl Slatov, President of the company also briefly talked about the new host Switch Nintendo optimistic". The conference also announced that the president will be a partner and Nintendo, but will not be released on the release of any Switch works. (source: 1 network) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: