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Taipei City Civil Affairs Bureau to use "Taiwan country" name has replaced the original title: Taiwan Taipei Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official website that "Taiwan country" has replaced the observer network [] Taiwan media reported on November 7th, Taiwan Netizens found Taipei municipal government affairs website of a page of a background picture, actually wrote "Republic of Taiwan (Taiwan Republic)". According to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reported on November 7th, the Taipei municipal government affairs website "naturalization test area" page "Republic of Taiwan (Republic of Taiwan)", caused some cheer of "Taiwan independence" tendency of Internet users, "Taipei independence", "Taipei integrity" etc.. Taiwan media reported screenshot however, observer network Xiaobian inquiry found that the web site with the words above the background image has been replaced. At present, with the "Taiwan" on the background map has been replaced "facebook" (Facebook) has the obvious tendency of "Taiwan independence" on a website fan page "Taiwan passport stickers" timely from the Taipei Civil Affairs Bureau of the current page screenshots, received a total of 261 points like". But the article Po only 9 comments, nor is it all support the voice of Taiwan independence. Facebook has the tendency of "Taiwan independence" fan page "Taiwan passport stickers" timely shots, 261 won the praise but 9 comments are not the only full support "Taiwan independence" since February this year, Taiwan part of the "Taiwan independence" who launched with "Taiwan country" sticker movement in the passport, but often because of the refusal of entry by other countries. In April this year, with the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus proposal amended the "passport" rules for the implementation of the regulations, trying to release "Taiwan sticker". But the Cai Yingwen administration, 5, after taking office, decided not to take the initiative to deal with this matter, the whole case into the indefinite hold on state of the state of "20". Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: