Suning team morale is high Jixiang week cloud looking forward to the FA Cup champion (video) webquest

Suning team morale is high Jixiang week cloud: looking forward to the FA Cup champion [] planning review Hengda super Suning promotion of the road two giants battle the FA Cup in October 10th (the Li Xu sports Tencent) in more than half a month after the intermission, Jiangsu Suning this afternoon in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center for the public training courses. Ji Xiang and Zhou Yun accept media interviews. Suning public training courses at cuilong Zhu under the leadership of Suning second in the Premier League, the FA Cup also reached the finals and Guangzhou Hengda will compete for the final championship. As the head coach of the team, take the third cuilong Zhu Wei in many game tactics, Jiaxiang repeatedly played on the right-wing position in the team’s third health system, and has a good play, Ji Xiang said: "as players, coaches and team tactics to obey the arrangement, although now in this position play is good, but I still have a lot to improve the place, I hope to learn and continue to improve the game in the future." This season has come to an end, Suning is currently in the Premier League and the FA Cup is a title shot, especially in the FA Cup final, has been successful with Guangzhou Evergrande, every game left, can be regarded as final for Suning, this Ji Xiang said, "the current season coming to an end, our team is in good shape, also hope to get good grades in the two line, we also hope to win the championship, but we need everyone to play their own strength, to work hard to achieve." Zhou Yun recently became a father, when asked about his children and family issues, Zhou Yun is a kindly face, "just when the father, the first is the hope that their children can be healthy and happy growth. At present, the league has come to an end, I hope that their team can go all out to seriously study each opponent, a game of a game, at the end of the season to get the desired results. And after the end of the season, is also a rare holiday, he also hopes to spend more time with his children and family." The public training courses, but also ushered in the 5 small football reporter early Suning "football reporter Recruitment" votes, they want to know how to take the road of youth football. As an early age to join the team, and the team has been playing up from the team Zhou Yun and Ji Xiang for the development of youth football, the two players have their own views and suggestions. Zhou Yun said: "the development of Chinese youth football, first of all to the national and educational institutions and the media to pay more attention to youth football, be able to teach the basic skills of football on the organization more games, let the children to exercise in the game. The children also want to find happiness in football, with joy to play football. Of course, in the process of playing football, will encounter setbacks, don’t give up, learn to adjust themselves, to overcome difficulties, people’s life can not be a smooth road, football is the same." Ji Xiang also said: first of all, young people in a small time to seriously practice basic skills, continuous practice, through time to accumulate experience. Second, we must adhere to the training may be very boring, but must adhere to, but also to strengthen physical exercise, reduce the incidence of injuries." Interview。相关的主题文章: