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SONY PS4 Pro running game mode open: a total of three kinds of SONY has officially released PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, relative to PS4 Slim, the players are more concerned about PS4 Pro. Due to the performance of PS4 Pro compared with PS4 Slim has been greatly improved, in the downstream of the 4K resolution to play the game has become possible. But PS4 Pro in the game is how to run the game? What is the difference between 4K resolution and 1080P? There are players have given the answer. PS4 Pro according to the domestic famous game forum A9VG broke the news, current media reporters "Tomb Raider: the rise in the use of PS4 Pro to play" when found PS4 Pro altogether has three modes, including 4K mode, the maximum model and the optimal mode of picture frames. The 4K model is that when the PS4 Pro access to the 4K TV using the model, estimate the effects and current PS4 effects, and the picture by 1080P interpolation stretch to 4K resolution, frame rate is 30 frames. The maximum frame mode refers to the special effects, the use of PS4 Pro to run the game will get more frames, and the frames will be greater than 45 frames. The optimal mode refers to the picture at 1080P resolution, frame rate is maintained at 30 frames, the effects would like PC to the maximum. However, the user did not say whether other games have these three game modes. The following are the first to support PS4 Pro games, including the current sale and not on sale. PS4 Pro has released the Games (by Deus Ex:Mankind Divided patch support) deus ex: Rise of the Tomb Raider division Killing Floor 2  Tomb Raider rise;   2 Uncharted 4:A Thief killing space "s End    Infamous:First Light; uncharted 4 dawn Middle Earth:Shadow of Mordor Middle Earth: Paragon Call of Duty:Modern, the shadow of Mordor Warfare Remastered call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty:Black heavy plate Ops 3 Black Ops 3 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited the Elder Scrolls online not to release the game Spider Man spider man For Honor    Watch Do; the glory of fighting spirit.相关的主题文章: