Sino German economic dialogue face sensitive topic China’s opening will not change

Sino German economic dialogue face sensitive topic: China open – Beijing will not change the original title: Sino German economic dialogue face sensitive topic: non cooperation "one-way street" in Berlin on 29 September, Chinese change will not be open (reporter Peng Dawei) "in the" buy "Chinese Germany?" "Sino German technical cooperation is a" one-way street "that only benefits from China?" China’s economy is in trouble? Reform and opening up will be ‘regressive’?" The 29 day, the second session of the Sino German economic dialogue held in Berlin Chinese Embassy in Germany, more than 200 Sino German political and economic circles on bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries in a series of hot issues candid and in-depth exchanges. In recent years, bilateral investment between China and Germany to maintain steady growth. According to official statistics, in the first half of 2016, Germany’s actual investment in China $1 billion 740 million, an increase of up to 97.6%, nearly doubled. In recent years, China’s investment in Germany also showed accelerated growth momentum. German Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency data released in May this year, China has once again become the number one country in Germany green investment projects, projects up to 260. This is China’s first two consecutive years ranked the world’s first index. The German Kukayinqi in "leading industry 4" robots have attracted much attention. Because of this, Germany in the field of public opinion, to Chinese beauty. There are some mergers and acquisitions KUKA, different voices. On the day of the discussion, the members of the board of supervisors, KUKA Limited by Share Ltd chief marketing officer Wilfried Eberhardt said, in the global market development of KUKA robot cannot do without Chinese any market, a company dedicated to the development of globalization enterprises will also China if abandoned, abandoned the market, eliminated by the market. He believes that Chinese and German enterprises in today’s environment, we should maintain an open and cooperative attitude, in the process of cooperation with partners to communicate with each other to establish the rules for both sides. When asked about what to expect from German innovation partnership in Germany, the national Power Grid Corp in Europe office director Lei Xianzhang pointed out that only in the field of new energy, China is no lack of successful experience is worth learning from Germany and europe. "UHV power grid, for example, China is now in the front." Lei Xianzhang said, he had contact with the person in charge of the European Super grid "project, on the direction he said:" this idea has been discussed for more than ten years in Europe, has not come up with a solution, but Chinese have built a super power grid". The charter also mine grid operators in Germany before the date of submission "North South transport" as an example that actually called "one-way street" is largely the German market is open enough problem, "the construction experience of the national grid is the world the one and only, if the German government and enterprise open enough, we can participate". The general manager of the German company Mike de Vries Metals Group Co. also said that should be multi angle analysis of the impact of technology transfer from the enterprise "should not be considered China long one-sided German technology". He also suggested that the two small and medium enterprises can be more active相关的主题文章: