Shandong million teachers oath Lide slim Beijing – a teacher-zhuxianduowan

Shandong million teachers teacher – sworn Lide slim Beijing Xinhua Ji’nan September 9th news (reporter Lou Chen) the new semester to this period of time the teachers’ day, millions of Shandong teachers gradually took the oath of activities to the society and students solemn commitment for teachers, Lide slim table. From 2016 onwards, Shandong in various schools at all levels to carry out the activities of teachers oath, the activities organized by the school, the flag was hoisted when the oath. The oath of secondary school in the districts of the city as a unit or units of the county unified high school, combined with the actual school, University Teachers’ development reflects the requirements and the characteristics of the college. Shandong Provincial Education Department deputy director Zhang Zhiyong said, in the province of teachers generally carry out the oath of activities, so that teachers don’t forget the heart, remember our mission, can improve the teachers consciously abide by the norms of morality consciousness, encourage teachers to strengthen their professional development, improve teaching ability and level, to enhance the quality of the education. Qilu Normal University professor Chen Haiyan taught for 30 years, she participated in the activities after the oath said: "as a 33 year old teacher from teaching, while the right hand fist, clank oath from the mouth from the heart out of that moment, I am still very excited, excited! I feel the weight of my body, I feel the power, I feel the pressure, I feel the power……" As of 2015, a total of 1 million 101 thousand and 100 full-time teachers in Shandong province in various schools (including technical school).相关的主题文章: