Scientists the living environment of Wild Zebra force (video)

Scientists: the living environment forced wild zebra zebra is white with black lines or black and white grapefruit wood @ subtitles group although zebra in many ways and horse are similar, but not domesticated by humans. Tencent of science news as a zebra and a horse are very similar in many aspects, so humans have tried riding zebra game. The 2005 film "the zebra race" tells a story about a young zebra who wants to take part in a horse race, but the producer is forced to use a horse as a substitute in certain situations. The mane and tail is actually more similar to the donkey, but also reflect the evolutionary history of species. Although the horses, donkeys and zebras have evolved from a common ancestor Eohippus (live in about 55 million years ago in Europe and North America), but the relationship between a zebra and a donkey horse closer. North American equine animal in about 8 thousand to 10 thousand years ago, while in Europe and Asia, the people of the old stone age in the open plains of mustang. Climate change, forest growth and human predation have led to the migration of these wild horses from the east to the semi desert regions of central asia. Today, the wild ancestors of the horses were first domesticated in Western Europe, where archaeologists found the earliest evidence of domestication. Recent studies have also shown that the number of domestic horses is constantly being added when the wild horses are distributed in europe. Horses were domesticated as a kind of food, but they play an increasingly important role in the development of human civilization as they play a more and more important role in the field of transportation, transportation and war. The most famous is that in thirteenth Century, Gen Gi Khan of Mongolia created a great empire with the help of the horse. If a horse is so important to human civilization, why not? Humans are from Africa, so it’s a bit strange why humans have missed the most useful animals on the same continent. However, unlike the Eurasian horses, they live in Africa and are particularly safe and adapted to their environment. But in order to a lion, cheetah and hyena in other large predator environments, zebras evolve into a special alert and sensitive animal, in the face of danger will escape, and if captured will react strongly. Zebra kicking can make the lion’s mouth burst. They also showed biting behavior barbaric, and they have the ability to quickly down the reaction, which can help them to avoid catching human cable rope. Familiar with the hunting behavior of human hunters, it will also allow the formation of a strong zebra escape behavior. All this means that zebras are not close to humans and are not suitable for breeding. Francis, a British explorer and pundit, took Galton as an example of a species that was difficult to control. The Dutchman wanted for Zebra harness, despite some success, but the stubborn animal often makes people feel frustrated. (passenger compile)相关的主题文章: