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Residential floor cracks the width can put a finger (Figure) original title: Tongchuan a residential floor cracks the width can be put into a finger to floor area wide cracks can be put into a finger in Chinese daily news (reporter Hou Jian) recently, in the Tongchuan City area of Tongchuan Laohugou City Public Security Bureau family member courtyard, building three, a unit of care-laden residents, because the family building body they live have varying degrees of cracks, residents suspect it may with a wall of the high-rise building construction, destroyed the original Jiashuyuan water pipeline, leading to the first floor of underground water, ground subsidence caused by the. "Next door did not build high-rise residential, drainage is very smooth" reporter saw in the original Tongchuan City Public Security Bureau family member courtyard, the district is old, building three, a total of 3 units of 7 layers, one unit of 1-7 floors have different cracks, a layer of the most serious, the width of the exterior wall cracks you can put a finger fracture, the longest is three or four meters long, a spider. Who lives on the first floor of the building is Yin said that from June and July last year began to crack, his home balcony window and wall cracks of different sizes, tenants who have doubts and new high-rise wall Kyushu international. Mr. Yin said: the original did not cover Kyushu International before, this courtyard drainage unobstructed. Old tenants have said that the original sewer is very thick, but in the lid Kyushu International time, dig the garage to change the drainage pipes of our families to small, big pipe into a small pipe. Now the whole yard drainage also discharged out, the rain water, causing the sinking yard foundation, sinking foundation to our unit water pipes blocked." Reporters learned from the tenants, Mr. Yin said the sewer refers to the entire building of the kitchen drainage system. The next door in Kyushu International Construction of the underground garage, changed the original drainage pipeline Jiashuyuan former Tongchuan City Public Security Bureau, now the whole family member courtyard of the drainage system is not smooth, the rain water in the hospital ground subsidence occurred, resulting in drainage pipeline changes, while building three, where is the the lowest position, now the kitchen building drainage system has all the paralysis of the whole building due to ground subsidence also appeared many cracks. In the original Tongchuan City Public Security Bureau family members of the hospital water wells, the reporter saw more than 30 cm deep water. The families of the original Tongchuan Municipal Public Security Bureau staff have been moved out, now residential tenants did not hire property management, so this is the case, many residents find the Logistics Department of Tongchuan City Public Security Bureau and the new top cover Kyushu International Property coordination, but has no fruit. Community supervision as soon as possible to exclude security risks resident said: "we also find Kyushu International property, the property that wall cracks whether associated with them without conclusive evidence." Reporters then interviewed Kyushu International property sector, the staff said that the matter did not know, there is no residents to reflect on them. Subsequently, the reporter went to the Tongchuan city community Kawaguchi Jiashuyuan former Tongchuan city public security bureau belongs to the community to understand the situation, the staff said, because the district is management main body is not clear, they Peng相关的主题文章: