Reporters go out international food supermarket Encounter Evaluation of Wuhan is better than Shenyan zghd

Reporters go out international food supermarket Encounter Evaluation in Wuhan than in Shenyang Wuhan power foot training for Zhang Lin & #33411; participate in training with the ball in the evening after swimming, I walk to the foot of the hotel. Although the neighboring Qingnian Road and Xinhua Road are located in the center of Wuhan is the most prosperous of the lot, but in the foot sea CBD some desolate feeling empty. The message sent to the way a striker: "the trouble for me to buy a razor, buy a bottle of shampoo, a bath and a small spoon, thank you." Came to the hotel next to the sea life Plaza, finally found a supermarket on the ground floor. Two players just a door he caught Yu Hai, then chats. But the international request repeatedly, really stop, I do not dare to go out, there is no way out of the hotel to buy some daily necessities. The time was too late to change clothes, wearing the national team jacket around the supermarket, some worry, after all, be recognized not too good. I was in Shenyang with the Iran national football game he wrote "Orangemen training needs more humanized management", rather than disguised under house arrest. A lot of players to have a sumptuous meal once in a sneaky way out of the hotel to eat barbecue. The 12 match third, 4 first round after the main road Syria, Uzbekistan, is exactly half a month time with family isolation. The majority of teams in Club International multi line combat situations, has been exhausted, the lack of family time and chance, let them feel more lonely. However, compared to the five star hotel in Shenyang, the players admitted: Although the hotel hardware facilities are similar, but the food conditions in Wuhan is much better than in Shenyang, has been in the pattern." A player thought-provoking: "although we are paid more than the common people, but during training in preparation for the national team, really difficult to have freedom. Ordinary people like you to the field, can not shoulder the idle away in seeking pleasure, our heavy burden. Every night in the hotel room is not good to entertain the taste really." Compared to the base of the lake near the base of the whole closed for training, simply foot Hotel access control is not strict, outsiders can also be free to go in and out. Some fans were very polite in the lobby waiting downstairs may temporarily occupied international for signatures, such as Zhang Lin occasionally in the lobby of a turn, will usher in a lot of fans of the "containment", to meet the wishes of the fans, Zhang Lin immediately returned to the country where the floor foot rehabilitation. This Tuesday afternoon, with Zhang Yuning in the national football training base, to Tazihu 23 man team as usual at 5 in the afternoon, compared to the first training, second training sessions are still dominated by recovery. 20 non goalkeeper players all involved in the net type of football game, and the goalkeeper on the coach Qu Chuliang, also launched a network of 2 pairs of football game in order to improve the ability to deal with the ball at the foot of the 2. Starting on Wednesday, the national will be officially entered the technical and tactical training, a substantial part of the group confrontation, Syria will enter the final battle stage. Today, the country will be relatively hard foot, the day will start two practice, the morning will be in the hotel gym strength training. So Tuesday night most international physiotherapy after adjustment to sleep early, "the late morning before sleep for second days, or simply too much", an international.相关的主题文章: