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Red suspect 8 years after tax 34 million today escorted back to Shanghai – Sohu news caption: International Red warrant officers fled Liu (in) by the Shanghai police escorted back to shanghai. Photo by Zhao Lirong [] Xinmin Xinmin Evening News? 34 million tax fraud, fled abroad 3150 days after Japan, Malaysia. After a long chase and patience of the contest, this morning, the red warrant officers fled Liu Shanghai police arrest, escorted back to shanghai. It is understood that the recent Shanghai police "Fox" Triumphant news keeps pouring in. In August 22nd, the International Red Tong alleged massive fraud suspects of money fled 17 years later by the police from Suriname quanfan; in August 31st, the securities accounts opened the "rat" profit, involving up to 120 million yuan Liu suspects by the police persuaded to return from the United states. So far this year, Shanghai police have captured " fox " 71. 8 years of tracking every fox tail after March 2006 to January 2008 show case, the suspect Liu and her husband Lee with a chapter et al., use of state software production enterprises preferential tax policy and the export tax rebate policy, to bill printing software for crime carrier, false export, defrauding export tax rebates amounted to more than 3400 yuan that caused a huge state tax loss. In January 2008 after the incident, Liu fled to Hongkong, whereabouts unknown. The police arrest clues repeatedly interrupted in other major criminal suspects of the case in accordance with the law to carry out the investigation and prosecution at the same time, has not relaxed on Liu’s arrest, on the one hand, the coordination of Hongkong police inquiries Liu’s whereabouts, on the other hand, starting from the Liu family, the development of persuasion and education, for their families to cooperate with public security organs work; in addition, but also through a variety of channels, pay close attention to Liu’s traces. With the passage of time, Liu has always heard nothing. Through a large number of basic work, the investigators found that Liu’s cousin, one of the early years of migration to Japan, and have married and have children, Liu is likely to hide in a Fu’s residence in japan. At the time of the clues, Liu is collecting the Japanese "3.11" earthquake victims list, trying to fake identity aspect of missing persons similar to seek lawful right of residence in japan. The arrest team immediately through Interpol requests Japanese police to verify liu. But the reply said that Liu Mouque has been to Japan, and left Japan in February 2008, and the flight number and destination are all unknown. The thread was interrupted again. Over the past 8 years, similar clues repeatedly interrupted, Shanghai police on Liu’s pursuit of work has not stopped. After continuous efforts, in June last year, Shanghai police through Interpol issued a red Liu international bulletin, in the global scope for Liu, further enhanced efforts to arrest. Malaysia news came this year in July, Japan came an important clue, Fu and Malaysia have had multiple contact. Perhaps perennial fugitive Liu guard, it only disappeared many years "Fox" finally revealed his tail. Investigators through the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia police liaison officer相关的主题文章: